How to Make Your Windows Computer Look Like a Mac! NO DOWNLOADS NEEDED!!!




Introduction: How to Make Your Windows Computer Look Like a Mac! NO DOWNLOADS NEEDED!!!

This is a great way to make your windows computer look like a mac. Unlike many ways you can do it, this way is perfectly safe and you don't need to download or install any risky software that slows down and damages your system. This is what the end result looks like (see above)

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Step 1: Setting Background

Save this image above onto your computer then set it as your desktop background.
To save the picture, right click on it and select save.
Go to Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization then click on the background tab and set the image you saved as the background, if the background image doesn't fit your screen, select stretch then click ok.
Your desktop should now have this as the background.

Step 2: Removing Icon Names

You need to remove the Icon names from each icon on your desktop.

1) Open Character Map, scroll down and select a blank character in the grid, click on the Select button, and click on the Copy button. (see screen shot above)

2)Right click on a icon on the desktop that you want to hide the text of, click on Rename, right click inside the rename box, click on Paste, and press enter.
NOTE: If you get a message that a another icon already has the same name, then just repeat step 1 to select a different blank character and do step 2 again.

3)The text of the desktop icon will now be hidden. (see screenshot above)

4)Repeat the steps above for all other icons on the desktop.

Step 3: Hiding the Task Bar

Move your cursor down to the taskbar (the bit at the bottom of your screen) and right mouse click on it. Select properties then, in properties, select the  'Auto-hide taskbar' option then select OK. Now, when you look at the screen the taskbar should be hidden. Mo ve your mouse to the very bottom of the screen and it should appear untill you move your mouse off it.
You can access the task bar by moving your cursor to the bottom of the screen at any time.

Step 4: Moving the Icons

Right mouse click anywhere on the homescreen where there isn't any icons.
Hover your mouse over view so the pop out appears (like in the screen shot above).
Click on 'Align icons to grid' so the tick dissappears and click off it. You can now move the icons on screen anywhere and they won't be stuck in a grid system. Click on an icon and drag it into the box at the bottom, leave a small space bettween each app and don't over crowd it. It is also best if you move the recycle bin to the far right of the box

Step 5: Final Result

Your screen should look very similar to this (see screen shot above)
If you compare it to the real mac home screen (the other photo), they are incredibly similar and you can hardly tell the diffrence!
If you ever need to access the windows taskbar, just put your mouse at the very bottom of the screen and it should appear!

If you get confused with any of the steps in this guide, feel free to ask me in the comment boxes below each slide!

Step 6: Further Improvement

Not for beginners!!
If you have photoshop, you can make your desktop look even more like a mac then it does already. Just leave the icons on the desktop in the dock at the bottom, then change your wallpaper to a blank colour (green is usually the best) then take a screen shot. Open the screen shot in photoshop then remove the background, so you just have the icons. Then flip the icons upside down, as if it were a reflection. Once you have done this, set the layer transparency to about 40% (or what ever looks good). The use the soft edged eraser tool to get the icons to fade out. Save the image then set it as your wallpaper. It should look similar to the screenshot above.
All finished!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    All you really have to do is install a dock (preferably rocket dock.) then you will have an actual dock that reacts over mouse over and click exactly like a Mac. Then install a macabar from rain meter and an icon pack, and voila!! You have a Mac OS on a windows PC!

    1024 Web Solutions
    1024 Web Solutions

    5 years ago

    How about be nice. I think it's a great prank. So blinded by bias thoughts.