How to Make Yourself Look Like a Zombie(tested)

Introduction: How to Make Yourself Look Like a Zombie(tested)

how to make yourself look like a zombie. iv done this a few times and its me in a few of the pics.

Step 1: Supplies

ok so your gonna need a few materials and patience and time

-paper or styrofoam plates
-fake blood
-spray blood
-clown white makeup(in a pot and very thick)
-black makeup (its in a pot and very thck)
-black makeup pen
-white makeup pen
-stipple sponge
-Sponge Latex Foam Wedge Carded
-tacky glue
-prostetic glue(if you want it to stay for more than three hours)
-lots of toliet paper
-wooden poker stick things
-baby wipes and/or face cleaning wipes
-zombie contacts(optional)

Step 2: Preperation

ok so now you have or know what supplies you need. what you have to do is clean your face. very well. afer its dry and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. your gonna need to ut the bandaids over any outstanding cuts. after youve done that. get your white clown makeup, a wedge applicator, and whiten your face and neck too much. then get aother applicator and your black and make shadows around the nose. eyes, and mouth and neck. this may take several tries to be patient.

Step 3: Injuries

now. get a plate and mix about 3 parts tacky glue to 1 part prostetic. this will insure its hard to get off but be warned, it may hurt a little but its worth it. now after thats mixed get your toliet paper, rip it up a little and get gle allllll over it. your hands will get sticky but whatever, right? apply to eye area and half of mouth. for added effect. find flat bandaids or just a concave eyepatch, ue prostitic glue and glue it around the eye, then put the toliet paper over the eye for a messed up eye look. then allow about half an hour to and hour to dry. DO NOT SCRATCH

Step 4: Color

now the rest involves the black, blood, and your white. use the black to dirty up the toliet paper and the blood to make it all bloody. allow some time to dry then, if you did the mouth right, draw teeth with no lips.then do any final touches like ripped and bloody clothing and your done!

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