How to Manage Several Dropbox Accounts Simultaneously on Android

Introduction: How to Manage Several Dropbox Accounts Simultaneously on Android

In case you have more than one Dropbox account, it's becomes not easy to manage them on an Android device with the official Dropbox application. It supports only one account at a time so you have to log out each time you need the files stored inside another storage. But there is a way to manage multiple accounts at the same time without the need to log out.

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Step 1: Preparations

What you need is:

- A file manager for Android (for example I'll use B1 File Manager, which you can download from Google Play for free: You can learn even more details here:

- Several ready Dropbox accounts, of course.

Step 2: Start Establishing Connection

1. Summon the sidebar by tapping on the B1 icon in the top-left corner or with a left swipe.

2. Tap "+" in networks and select "Dropbox".Youneed

Step 3: Allow Dropbox Connection

1. The previous step will lead you to Dropbox web interface where you're prompted to enter your email and account's password.

2. With that done, tap "Allow" in order to integrate Dropbox file storage with the file manager.

Step 4: Get Your Files

Once the connection is complete, you'll get access to your Dropbox file storage inside B1 File Manager interface. Now you can upload files onto the cloud by tapping Upload button in the top-right corner or download files onto your device by simply tapping it.

Step 5: Add More Accounts

Repeat all of the steps as many times as the number of accounts you have.

Each time you connect to a different Dropbox account it'll be saved in the Networks menu. Once the connection is established, you don't need to re-enter email or password to manage your cloud storage. So, this is a perfect solution for people who have multiple Dropbox accounts.

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