How to Manage Several OneDrive Accounts Simultaneously on Android




While dealing with Microsoft OneDrive (former SkyDrive) on Android many users face certain troubles. With the official OneDrive client app for Android you can work only with one account at a time. In order to access another your OneDrive account you need to log out and log in an another one. That's a pain. What's more, with the app you can not upload or download folders. These functions are limited to files only. However, there is a way to manage multiple OneDrive accounts at the same time in a convenient fashion.

Step 1: Another App

As we've learned, the official OneDrive app is no good. That's why for better work you'll need a different one. I recommend using B1 File Manager - a free app with support for cloud storages.

Step 2: Access Networks Menu

In order to log in into any cloud storage, you need to access the Networks menu. It's available from the app's sidebar. Swipe from the left or tab the B1 icon in order to summon it, tap Networks option, then "+" and select OneDrive.

Step 3: Log In

Simply enter your Microsoft account email and password. Then give B1 File Manager permission to access your OneDrive storage.

Step 4: Repeat

Once you've logged in into a OneDrive account, it will be saved in the Networks menu. You'll be able to access it from this menu any time.

Add any other OneDrive (Google Drive or Dropbox) accounts and they'll be saved.

That's all. Way more convenient than the official client apps.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Use MultCloud can manage and sync several OneDrive on any device.


    There are so many file managers like this... but at the end its not the complete solution because it can't sync files automatically.. Microsoft you should have to think about this and I mean seriously guys, google is offering to add multiple accounts in his Photos app then why can't you..


    Super helpful!!

    One question, to store my pictures I would normally go to my pictures, select them, hit share and then upload them to Dropbox, (or anyother online storage) I tried this to store them on OneDrive and couldn't because I don't see the option to share them with B1, any suggestions?