How to Manufacture Locally AND Have Quality Control

As you can see in the video I made it at TechShop SF!

What if you had an awesome product that you wanted to send to market, but you live in Hawaii, overseas, or maybe the product is just too large or heavy to realistically ship at a cost relative to what it is worth. 

This series is a quick juxtaposition of the needs for scalability onto the locally made business model. The two can marry quite nicely if you're willing to do a little work to keep the process linear across multiple remote markets using video QC.

This quick 4 part series is a pitch that I made to some partners in a product we are scruming our way through right now to try and bring to market. While my own products like CozyLap and PriorityRocks are soon to come on line as instructables, I am respecting the other two parties rights to hold intellectual property close to the chest.

If you're willing to explore new ideas, things like rising gas prices and high unemployment rates are not a sign of a bad economy they are a sign of an amazing future that we are going to start building NOW!




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