How to Meet REAL People Through the Internet

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hi there!

I won't tell you how to pick up girls in bars, nor how to dress or act like somebody more attractive than you are...

I just found an interesting way of getting in touch with real life persons just by surfing the web.

nerds, geeks, shy guys and girls, the secret of getting a social life for real is explained right in the next step.

Step 1: Register Online At:

yes, register, getting an account is free....

Step 2: What Is Couchsurfing?

couchsurfing is a web comunity that helps travelers getting in touch with hosts willing to share a couch, a bed or a place to sleep.

free, based on confidence and good will, both the traveler and the host get a mark for their behaviour/kindness/personality....

a good couchsurfer has lots of good mark, like a serious ebayer gets lots of good comments...proof of trustability.......

Step 3: So What?

well, I first registered on in order to get in touch with hosts during my trips....but I soon realised something very nice about the couchsurfing comunity...

the comunity itself!!

every week or even every day, the couchsurfers hanging around post their projects on a dedicated kind of forum.....for example:

-Hey!!! I found a very cool bar!!! I'm going on friday night...wanna come?from a guy with a funny profile, with lots of destinations in his passport.


-french food festival on the countryside this week end....i'm going with a friend, I can driv 2 others....from a 50 years old farmer.


-bored today, wanna get out me a nice place to have a drink. from a young woman with a cute smile

once in a while, the local moderator sets a meeting in a bar or something like that so all the people wishing to get involved can meet and have a nice time....


ii's that funny.....just check the messages from people in your area once in a while or get them delivered in your mailbox.

do not forget that couchsurfing is mainly a good way of triping trough the world, meeting new people is part of the game!

Step 4: Become a Host

sharing your flat for a few nughts a year might offer oportunities to meet interesting people from around the world, so fill the form and become a host.....

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:



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