How to Mix the Perfect Bloody Mary

Introduction: How to Mix the Perfect Bloody Mary

These instructions will lead you step by step through the process of making a Bloody mary, it will take you under 10 minuets to complete. The Bloody mary is one of the greatest drinks ever made. The reason it has this reputation is because it blends such a wide variety of ingredients to make the perfect balance between spicy and sweet. Bloodies are also know to the world as the perfect drink to sip in the morning or after a long night of heavy drinking, which is how it got its name of the perfect hangover cure.  

Step 1: Ingredients

• 2oz vodka of your choice

• 8oz spicy tomato juice

• 2oz Bloody Mary mix

• olives

• Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire sauce

• Celery Salt

• Ice

• Cracked black pepper

• Hot ‘n’ Spicy Pickles

• Martini Shaker

• Pub Glass

(Warning: Alcohol is a dangerous substance so ingest caution when operating motorized vehicles.)

Step 2: Mixing

One:  fill shaker with ice, the amount of ice varies with how many drinks you will be mixing and how much ice you enjoy in your drinks.

Two: Add in 8oz of spicy tomato juice along with 2oz of Bloody Marymix. When it comes to Bloody Mary mix it does not matter what brand you use, just try as many as it takes to find the one that you like best.

Three: Add 1oz Tabasco Sauce and two dashes of Worcestershire sauce, you can add more or less Tabasco it just depends on how spicy you want your drink to be, you can also leave the Tabasco out if you do not like spicy, the drink will be the same either way.

Four: Add in Franks hot sauce, along with cracked black pepper.When it comes to adding these ingredients I always say to add as much as needed to meet your taste.

Five: Add in celery salt, any brand of celery salt will do. The reason that celery salt is so important is that it helps take some of the bite away from the hot sauce and Tabasco sauce. It is also essential when it comes to the flavor and fullness of the drink.

Step 3: Pouring and Garnishing

One:Once you have all of these ingredients added in the shaker, close the shaker and shake it as long as needed to mix all of the ingredients and to chill the drink to perfect serving temperature.

Two:When your drink is chilled and ready to serve remove lid and let stand. While you are letting your drink stand take your tall pub glass and apply a small amount of celery salt around the rim ofthe glass that way you will taste celery while you drink. When you have the salt around the top of the glass, pour your Bloody Mary into the glass.

Three: Once in the glass it is time to add the garnishes to drink, when garnishing the drink it is all about the appearance. For garnishing you should use zesty pickles and olives. I usually insert a toothpick into the olives so that they stay on top of the drink so the drinker can enjoy them while drinking the Bloody. For the pickle I just insert a wedge into the glass so it stands straight up in the glass.

Step 4: Why the Bloody Mary Is So Popular

The best time to serve this drink is in the morning with breakfast or after a long night of drinking. The spicy aspects of this drink offers great healing power for the terrible headache and the torn up stomach that accompanies a long night of drinking. It is also a great breakfast drink because you get your vitamins to help start the morning and it also gets you a little buzz going to help you get through the day, and starts your morning off right.

Step 5: Conclusion

When you have completed all of the step in this instruction set you will have created one of the greatest drinks know to humankind. It will be enough to quench any thirst possible and cure any hangover thrown at it. This is truly a timeless drink so enjoy, but do not over indulge because it is made with alcohol and alcohol may affect the way you operate in everyday life.

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