How to Mod a Nerf Nightfinder




Introduction: How to Mod a Nerf Nightfinder

this instructable will teach you how to mod a nerf nightfinder ex3. this makes the gun very powerful and potentially painful. sorry about the pictures i used an older camera.

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Step 1: Materials

the materials you will need are

1. #1 phillips screw driver
2. small phillips head screw driver
3. strong spring (more info later)
4.o- ring (more info later)

Step 2: Opening the Gun

now take your #1 phillips screw driver and remove all of the screws around the shell. keep track of where all the screws go on the gun. now lift the shell off of the bottom piece.

there are three things to keep track of. they are marked in the pictures

Step 3: Removing the Cylinder and Piston Assembly

sorry i had to use the same pic in the last step with the box things. there are two screws holding the whole firing system on. take them out and you will have the firing assembly as shown in the second picture.

Step 4: Modding the Piston and Slide Assembly

now pull cylinder off of the slide and on top of the piston is a screw. take it out and the piston will slide right off. now you can remove the spring. after you remove the spring slide the new spring on. the spring should be as long as the old spring and about the same  diameter. now slide the piston back on and put the screw back in. now take the o-ring and put it on the piston with the other one. the o-ring should have the same diameter as the old one.

Step 5: The Air Restrictor

now take apart the barrel assembly and there will be a small three prong piece and a spring on it. get rid of that. sorry the spring is not in the picture. now put the barrel back together.

Step 6: Putting It Back Together

reassemble the the firing assembly and put it back in the like it was before and screw it in. i like to leave this piece out. its the tip of the barrel. now reassemble the whole gun. batteries and all.

Step 7: Finished

 you will notice that its harder to cock the gun and louder but its worth it. thanks for reading and or modding

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 5

    how much farther dose this make it go?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    it depends on the dart like some are a snug fit and others arent so snug so it depends on the dart. if you use the same dart, mine adds about 10 feet