How to Mod the Nerf Vulcan

Introduction: How to Mod the Nerf Vulcan

About: I love ps3(cod6) and nerf guns

Ive been doing a bit of research and have found out how to mod the nerf gun. I also included something different for the battery pack to keep it cool and prevent the motor from melting. Some other people are most likely better than me at this in this case modding the nerf gun but follow my way and youll have a modded nerf gun certain advantages in no time.

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Step 1: Step 1

First youll need:

-4 alligator clips but have more just in case so have about 10
-2 battery packs(any voltage you want can bee one battery pack if you want just dont go crazy with your choice)
-2 of those battery pack wires ( in mine i only had one so i had to use alligator clips but have 2)
- Velcro

Step 2: Step 2

First hook 2 alligator clips to the springs inside the nerf vulcan, i used a long pair of scissors, and remember when its upside down the right one is negative and the left positive

Note my picture is taken upside down so the left one is negative and the right positive

Step 3: Step 3

Your ready to connect the wires

Now starting from the right(negative) connect the black battery wire(positive) to the negative lead
Connect the red battery wire(negative) to the other black battery wire
and connect the red battery wire to the left(positive) wire and connect both connectors to the battery packs.

So basically negative to positive,negative to positive,negative to positive and negative to positive starting from the right side.

Step 4: Step 4

Add velcro to the bottom of the battery pack and the nerf gun
tape all the wires together so they dont touch and short circuit and shove everything inside except the battery packs.

Step 5: Step 5

Now for a more tight secure system stick the packs to the velcro,
Get 2 elastic bands or 3 and hook them up together with one of them hooking up to the top of the nerf gun

Step 6:

Now i used a small knex piece and placed it it the screw hole under the battery pack and hooked my elastic bands around it
just make sure its a tight stretch , not too tight or too loose and hook the elastic band around

Ill probably get criticised for doing this because it looks crap or etc but i think it looks good and it provideds easy access and prevents the battery packs from overheating inside the gun

Step 7:

This is what it looks like, i garantee it will not fall off while your playing with it, please subscribe i have a new paint mod coming soon and to stop overheating i recommend not constantly using it and letting it cool down afterwards by disconnecting the packs.

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    6 Discussions

    is there a way to connect a lot of vulcan belts to make a really long one so's you don't have to reload as often?


    Reply 2 years ago

    yeah but if you have a lot (more than 3 honestly 2 is pushing it) then the thing that moves the chain in front of the plunger to fire it will have to work harder. this could cause a few problems. one, it will definetly drain your battery. two, it might brake the mechanism. three, the chain will be dragging against the ground and it could get caught on something and rip it out, breaking the gun entirely.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    "...but follow my way and youll have a modded nerf gun certain advantages in no time."
    What are all the certain advantages?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i know a dart mod: lego darts get one of the round pieces that fit PERFICTLY down the barrel and u got urself a dart