How to Mold a Prop Weapon - a Two Part Silicone Mold

Introduction: How to Mold a Prop Weapon - a Two Part Silicone Mold

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video tutorial! Enjoy! :)



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    3 years ago

    I am ready :)

    photo-1.07.2015 04:28.jpg

    Awesome instructions! I'll definitely try this technique in making prop replicas.

    One question, what kind of Silicon did you use and where did you get it from?

    Again, very nice and detailed instructions, the video and audio are great quality as well.

    have liked to see the mold actually being used at the end of the video
    to demonstrate how good the casts are, but that's just a minor detail.

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    that's a fair point! I wish I could go back and edit the video on YouTube but adding it in now would mean deleting the video and re uploading :( I'll probably make another video on casting techniques for this kind of mold :)

    Yeah, youtube is kinda counter-intuitive on that part.

    But as it's a two-part video already, I wouldn't see any harm in just adding a third video or even making a seperate instructable/tutorial on using different kinds of molds (such as the described jacket mold, a simple two-part-mold, ...), possibly going into detail about some different types of materials for casting, for preparing and caring for the mold, different casting techniques (slush casting, casting with an insert like a steel rod for stability) and so on.

    The cold-casting tutorial you made is already pretty good, but as it's a small piece it does not go into detail on how to properly secure a bigger mold.

    yeah ill be making videos on those things as I learn :) im still pretty new to prop making and have yet to make any props that are large enough to require a steel rod insert in the casting to give it core strength :P

    I have however done a video explaining how casting into a box mould is very different from slush casting and why (i.e. the problem with flash curing etc)

    Sorry if this was already address, but how do you make the prop in the first place? It almost looks like a baked clay, but my spidey-sense kinda sucks, so...anyways, thanks in advance, and thanks for the how-to!

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    no it wasnt addressed as this tutorial is for the molding process only :P which prop are you asking about? I actually used two different techniques for the two blades in the video and photo! The yellow one is made from MDF entirely and is coated in filler primer which i sanded smooth, the gray one is a mixture of plywood, acrylic and bondo with a different filler primer ontop of it also sanded smooth! I will be posting a tutorial in the future for making prop swords and guns so stay tuned!

    Oh! So (for lack of a better way to make sense of it for myself) you basically carved it out with "wood" and coated it with some sort of sealer?

    the videos essentially are step by step! just not in a format for reading :P I find it take a lot less time to make a video tutorial than to take photos of each step, arrange them in instructables and write the steps out in detail, while the video tutorial has just as much detail! Also it helps to have the extra visual aid in my opinion of me carrying out the process as I explain it :)