How to Mount an Alfa AWUS036NH to a Netbook

This is my first instructable, and hopefully I'll be able to post more in the future.

An Alfa AWUS036NH, for those who don't know what this is, is a Long-range USB wireless network adapter which is great for cracking. The only problem I see with this is it's hard to carry around (since it is wired rather than those USB adapter sticks which is small), you'd have to hold the netbook with one hand and the adapter on the other when attempting to transfer location. In this instructable, I'll be showing you a neat way of mounting an Alfa Network adapter to your netbook (or laptop, or whatever).

Step 1: Suction Cups Are Your Friends.


The only materials needed to mount the adapter are:
2x - suction cup thingies (remove the plastic hooks if yours has one)
2x - 2 inch twist ties

Suction cups are great for mounting stuff as they provide a good adhesion (or whatever it's sticking power is called) and can be removed easily without leaving sticky stuff. Though it only works on smooth surfaces, but I doubt that your laptop has a corrugated or rough cover.

Prepare for mounting
1. Insert the twist ties through the suction cup's hole, leave about 1 cm of loop then twist the ends together (refer to image)

Step 2: Attaching It to That. (what??)

Next is you'll have to insert the antenna connector through the twist tie loop we made earlier. The loop would depend on the size of your suction cup, just adjust it if you have to. Then, screw on the antenna to hold the twist loop in place (don't worry there's about enough room for the twist tie to get wedged into)

Step 3: The Other End.

The same goes for the USB connector. Insert the mini USB through the loop, then connect it to the USB port of the adapter (again believe me that there's enough room for the twist tie to get wedged into) Also make sure that the loop is small enough for it to have a tight fit so that it won't wiggle.

When that's done, you can now attach it at the back of the screen of your netbook.

Step 4: :)

If you reached this step without going through the other steps, then you must have done this before. Though if have reached this step because you saw the Backtrack background of my netbook. No I don't have a cracking guide yet, but I will. Eventually.

Now go sit in Starbucks or something and go do some cracking!



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    well, whether you are asking a cleverly pointed question because you already know or not, i would speculate that he is referring to that particular card's ability to crack WEP network protection keys at a rather long range, and its ability to use packet injection to expedite the process from a matter of minutes or hours to a matter of seconds. that is a hack in itself by the way, but probably not the kind the judges are looking for.

    Yes as it allows for monitor mode and packet sniffing. It's a great card for cracking too, with it's increased range.

    Yeah, well cracking WEP/WPA itself is another instructable that is already out in google and instructables.

    This surely made it easier for me to move from place to place looking for access points to crack.