How to Network a Wireless Printer




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Intro: How to Network a Wireless Printer

If you use vista and have a wireless network, then I will tell you how to network any old printer to a wireless network. you must have the printer plugged in to a computer. Even though vista sucks I have 2 computers with vista (I downgraded the laptop to xp)

What you need: 2 computers with vista 1 with wi-fi, a printer, a wireless home network, and the know-how which will be provided

Step 1: Set It Up... Part 1

go to the start menu. type in without quotes "network and sharing center" completely. click the first option. then click the drop-down arrow that says "printer Sharing". The default is off, so press the on button, then click apply. a warning box should pop up click ok

Step 2: Set It Up... Part 2

Go to your laptop. then find a document. When you print , click add printer. then click the name of the computer and then click the name of the printer you want to print on. WHEN YOU PRINT, MAKE SURE THE HOST COMPUTER IS ON!!!!!



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    man there's a button of the same size as the other buttons on your keyboard that is called "Print Screen". sometimes(like on my keyboard) it even has written "Sys Rq" while you're reading this, I want u to press it, then go to any image editing software (quickest-ms paint) and press either ctrl+v or paste from the edit menu and you'll be amazed!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    its telling me "Activedmain is currently unavaliable" when i click add printer