How to Ninja or Spy From a Briefcase (or How to Fit Everything a Ninja or Spy Needs Into a Suitcase)





 I am going to show you what the average everyday ninja or spy needs.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way responsible for who you injure or kill, if you get arrested for fighting, where you hurt someone, if you neglect to help your opponent if he is wounded, or anything else.
I am also not responsible for what you do with this.  This will NOT protect you in a gang fight (I am not saying that you are in a gang) or in actual combat.

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Step 1: Materials

1 bb gun (preferably a pistol but any gun that will fit into the suitcase will work)
At least 1 clip of ammunition
9-10 plastic hangers
1 throwing star
4 rubber bands of assorted sizes
3 metal hornets
1 briefcase (or suitcase or whatever you want to call it)
1 small dagger
1 leather belt
1 first aid kit (for yourself AND he who is injured by your weapons)
1 cell phone (to call for help if things get out of hand) (I suggest 911 or an armed trusted friend in the area)

Step 2: Empty Your Suitcase

 just what it says

Step 3: Weapons

 A leather belt, bb gun and dagger will be enough.

To make the dagger:   you will need 3 wire coat hangers and tape

First, unbend the hangers.
Now, twist 2 hangers together.
Next, wrap tape around where your hand goes.
Last, take the third hanger and twist it around the top of the tape, then bend it outwards and in and then the other way out, back, and around the first 2 hangers to form the hand guard.

WARNING: this dagger can be lethal if made correctly.  It has no sharp edge but does have an extremely sharp tip and be classified as a lethal weapon.

Step 4: Throwing Star

 I have no idea how to make these.
I got mine when it was thrown at me at mid-range.

Step 5: Hornets and Launching Device

 The launching device is a rubber band and you can make metal hornets at

Step 6: Hanger Ranged Weapon

 You will need 9-10 plastic hangers.

Step 7: Now Pack It Up

 just what it says



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    3 Discussions


    Not sure what knowledge you are trying to impart with this instructable. As far as I can see it has nothing to do with espionage ( spy part of the title ) or ninjitsu. I'll break it down;

    Step 1: materials ; 1 bb gun (preferably a pistol but any gun that will fit into the suitcase will work)

    - Espionage and to a lesser degree requires secrecy, lugging around an unsecured firearm in any sort of hand luggage not only negates this but is inherently dangerous and in any situation requiring a rapid response is totally impractical unless you live in hollywood. This is why bodyguards of all creeds aren't running around with briefcases as their preferred holsters for their firearms. How often do you see the men in black ( secret services ) all carrying briefcases to house their weaponry for rapid access, be a bit like having Barbara Bush having her hand bag posse protecting george ( god knows he probably needs it - lol )

    Not to mention that in any security station situation any hand luggage is one of the first things to come under scrutiny.

    - Throwing Star (referred to in steps 1 & 4) , is more correctly termed a shuriken and if you don't know this or how to make one let alone use one I would like to respectfully suggest that you don't play with them. I'd also suggest you pass this on to your friend who threw the one you have at you as they obviously missed their target for a similar reason ( ie untrained martial artist ). Someone trained in the proper use of this type of projectile weapon is unlikely to miss and not follow up ( just ask Another knife thrower ), unless they weren't serious in the first place.

    - Step 3 : You describe making a stilleto style dagger from coathangers, as an
    ad hoc method for making a make shift dagger ( or shank if you are a prisoner ) this would be feasible, providing you have time and can get the materials past the relevant security ( maybe juvie home in your case? ). Be a hell of a lot easier sharpening the handle of toothbrush to achieve the same end, but security staff are also onto that as well. You'd be better off concealing a bo-shuriken somewhere else on your person for rapid access.

    -Step 5 - Hornet ammo and launching device ; no problems with your launching mechanism ( rubber band ), but I can't see any reason to conceal it in a briefcase when you can just carry a couple (even a handful) in a pocket or even on your wrist. As for ammo, why make it from light weight paper clips when you can get horseshoe ( fencing nails ) which perform the same function much more efficiently.

    - Step 6 : I can only assume is supposed to provide the frame work for your launching mechanism for your hornets ( unless you intend to use them boomerang style and just throw them at people or ask them to wait while you construct a dagger as per step 3 ).

    As somebody with both security and martial arts experience ( have worked in both capacities ) the best part for me of this instructable is the last items on your materials list.

    1 first aid kit (for yourself AND he who is injured by your weapons)
    1 cell phone (to call for help if things get out of hand) (I suggest 911 or an armed trusted friend in the area)

    Love the first item even though I suspect it'll be yourself need the first aid kit.

    Cell phone is also brilliant, although I'd suggest you try not to get into a situation where you need to call 911, especially if your armed trusted friend is also not a trained expert ( notice I didn't say professional, I'll let you work out the difference.

    In basic training we were taught that there is no such thing as common sense ( only exists in hindsight ). Common example - send your apprentice off to get some striped/spotted spray paint or a left handed screwdriver. COMMON SENSE should tell the apprentice that neither of these exist, still didn't stop one of mine from waiting 4 hours for the paint to be mixed though.

    2 replies