How to Organise Your Kitchen Pantry.

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Hi all, this is my first entry, and I wasn't sure how to I'll just get straight into it!

As an organizing fanatic, I love re-arranging and decluttering my home to help improve the efficiency of space.

I'm going to show you how I organized my kitchen pantry.

Step 1: Materials

Gather your materials.

You can raid the house for spare containers and jars, or hit the department store for some cheap handy ideas.

I have done both. Having plenty of different shapes and sizes can help, I have chosen some rectangular containers, some with handles, easy screw top jars and pantry stands.

Step 2: Clean Out!

You will need to take EVERY item out of your pantry, and clean the shelves. Now, go through your food and drinks. Throw away any out of date items, you can't use.

Step 3: Categories.

Now this step may take a bit of time, and peoples pantry items differ, so I will give you an example of what I did to help:

Put your food/drinks into categories.
1. Lay out all your food/drink on the floor (clean floor) so you can see what you have.
2. Create your piles.
Cereals and breakfast.
Milk, cordial, juice.
Baking, cake mixes, flour, sugar.
Biscuits, sweets, chips, snacks.
Pasta, rice.
Sauces, spices, recipe aids, oil, gravy.
Coffee, tea.

and so on...

Step 4: Now, the Organization!

Think about what you use most. You want to put these items in easy to access areas.

So, place food/drinks in chosen sized containers, in preferred areas.

Some final tips:

Use handled containers for small items, like sweets or recipe bases.

Screw top jars make good storage for salt, pepper and sugar.

Now try and follow your new pantry layout. It makes meal times more efficient and getting ready for work and school a little less harder.

Good luck!

Please comment if you would like any more tips or have any questions.

Step 5:



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