How to Pack Peaches for Lunch When There's a Chance That Containers Will Be Lost Throughout the Day

On peaches in general:

Pros: As far as healthy food goes, peaches are pretty high on the yummy list and they grow in abundantly in our area.

Cons: They get squishy when ripe and are hard to take one lunches.

Of course, an elegant solution to the squooshed peach problem is to slice the peaches and put them in a 1/2 pint mason jar with a dollop of homemade yogurt and a squeeze of honey but this is only practical if the lunchee can be relied upon to return the jar for reuse.

What if the person the lunch is for is not known for bringing containers back? Are you willing to risk your hoard of jars? I am not.

Step 1: The Disposable Coffee Cup

My solution is a disposable coffee cup. It's a win-win. Although I have my own special coffee mug I sometimes end up with coffee in a disposable cup.

Step 2: Pack Your Peach

Place the peach in the disposable coffee cup. Firmly affix the lid.

Pro tip: Cushion the peach with some crumpled napkins. It fills the empty space and keeps the peach from bouncing around.

Step 3: Ta Da!

Place the packed peach in the lunch.



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