Keyblade Painting


Introduction: Keyblade Painting

About: Formerly was "Legofanatic". It's been a while since I have been on here but I'm thinking about making a come back. Maybe some BMX Instructables and maybe some other stuff hear and there.

This is the sequal to How to make a nice sturdy lightweight keyblade. I hope you all enjoy it. The colors I used for King Mickeys Key blade are. Bumble Bee, Fire Red, and Silver. I have to thank FFVIIBOY who inspired me to make this instructable.

Step 1: Preparation

This will show you how to prepare to paint your keyblade.

Step 2: Painting

This is the painting stage.



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    yeah i mentioned you in the tutorial for my key because you gave me the idea to make a tutorial

    You shud put those new pics on your file on the end of this afterthat last pic kinda like i did at the end of my key tutorial

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    try the oathkeeper just tape 2 pvc's to the side of a handle and do everything you did :)

    not really it wuz pretty easy for me just took a lot of tape but i guess wood would work too

    well ill have to find the pipe, i have one but its like 5ft plus i use it for my sephiroth sword, as seen in my first FF and KH collection, so it might be a while