How to Paint Birds in Watercolor. Part II




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Intro: How to Paint Birds in Watercolor. Part II

This post is sequel of the previous tutorial on my blog “How to paint birds in watercolor” Part I

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw chickadees!

Step 1: Find a Model!

It`s best to have a model, whether it`s a real bird on your window or just a photo.

Step 2: Start With a Sketch

Sketch the bird with a pencil. At this point you can make changes so don`t be afraid to use the rubber! It`s important to have fine lines of your bird.

Step 3: Apply the Paint

I started with the cup first. You can have your own composition. You might want to draw only a bird, or a bird on a branch. Of course you can start with applying paint on the bird. It`s up to you!

Step 4: Colour the Chickadee

Apply the main colours of the bird first.

Step 5: Get Into Detail Once You Have Applied the Colors of the Bird

Here are the steps of painting the bird.

Step 6: Scan Your Painting and Adjust the Levels on Photoshop

Step 7: Use Your Unique Design on All Kinds of Items!

Once your design is finished you can have it printed on different items. If you want to have my design on a mug,T-shirt, phone case, check out my shop from here.

Thank you for reading my tutorial. More photos and insights you can see in my blog post.

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