How to Paint Birds in Watercolor



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Painting birds in watercolor is not difficult! Read my tutorial and learn new and interesting techniques. Check out my blog post about this topic.

Materials you are going to need:

  • watercolor paper
  • ink
  • dip pen
  • watercolor paint
  • brushes
  • spray bottle

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Step 1: 1. Spray Some Ink on the Paper

Mix ink with water in a spray bottle and spray different colours on the paper.

Step 2: 2. Make a Sketch of the Bird

Once the ink on the paper has dried. Sketch the bird with a pencil.

Step 3: 3. Apply Different Colours.

Experiment on a separate paper with different colours. Start with applying only one colour at a time. Then apply another one, you can use the dip pen even at that stage but be careful not to add to much black ink.

Step 4: 4. Get Into Detail

Add colour and then draw with the dip pen. Draw some detailed feathers. Apply some gold paint- it will add light to your painting.

Step 5: 5. Play With Water and Ink

Just put a drop of ink and water on the paper and blow air towards the drop. Add more water and more ink-different colours and blow. There you go! You have unique abstract tree for your bird!

Step 6: 6.Voila!

Do you like the bird on the pillow in the background as well? I made it! Do you want to know how? Check out my post: How to paint birds in watercolor. Part II

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