How to Fold T-shirts in 2 Seconds





Introduction: How to Fold T-shirts in 2 Seconds

This instructable teaches you how to fold T-shirts, in seconds.

Step 1: Folding

Fold your T-shirt like that:

Watch a video:

Step 2: First Step

Lay down the T-shirt. Then pinch 2 places I marked. Be ready to flip one side.

Step 3: Second Step

Just flip one side onto another and take side of a t-shirt.

Step 4: Third Step

Raise your hands. Let the T-shirt hang in the air. Then be ready to fold it down.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Fold per folding line. Put it down. Nice....

Step 6: End.

Folding T-shirts this way saves you a lot of time. Remember to spend your saved time wirting some good instructables. ;)

If you practise a little bit more you can fold very fast, very very fast. :)

Just like i do :D watch the video:



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    53 Discussions

    I can't watch the video... I hate you computer! Hahaha! I've wanted to try this way of folding a shirt for the longest time. Seems so much faster.

    i saw this before in a video online... some japanese martha stewurt lady does this in under 10 seconds.... i forgot the website though!

    Jeezow! I have to fold about a hundred t-shirts a week for the family laundry. (stay at home and work at home Dad) I am going to practice this. Those few seconds add up and I will be able to impress all the neighborhood moms with my slight-of-hand shirt folding magic. Thanks.

    OMG, that's just too easy! Now I can save some hangers. :p

    contrary to some haters out there, i think this is an awesome thing you just taught me! and it's actually useful!

    1 reply

    Heh. I tried this for a while, but end up just throwing them in my drawer. a bit too lazy.....<a rel="nofollow" href="">free coupons for!</a><br/>

    I was going to make this post...It's supposed to be fast, but they don't take into account the time it takes to lay it out flat on a flat surface, while in contrast, the shirt is held in my hands the entire time for the method I find most efficient, but not quite as aesthetically appealing as the folds in clothing shops. Then again, I worked at one, so I can do both pretty quickly. My method involves folding the shirt in half down the line of symmetry, folding the sleeves over, then folding the shirt in half again, from the bottom up.

    1 reply

    Hey guys (or gals), I think i saw something about long-sleeved shirts? Just sorta pull the sleeves into themselves before you fold the whole shirt. No problems!

    My life is complete and I can now die knowing I have the meaning of life.*

    Thank You Zujus !!

    • I'm 43 so I hope to be around for a while yet !
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    I saw Martha Stewart do this once, but was frustrated cuz I didn't get it and it was no where on her website. So THANKS! I got it now!