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Have you ever been joyfully knitting along, and your project seemed to be progressing just fine and Oh No…you see that you dropped a stitch a few rows back?!

Not to worry! You don’t have to rip out all your rows back to that spot! I’ll show you how to use this nifty little trick to put that stitch right back where it belongs.

In the example below, I’ve dropped my stitch for 2 rows. You can tell how many rows are dropped by the number of horizontal strands in the back. I have 2 horizontal strands in the back…these are going to be used to correct your stitches.

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Step 1: All You Need Is a Crochet Hook and a Little Patience!

Make sure the hook size is small enough to fit into the loop, but not so small that the loop slips off!

Step 2: Insert Your Crochet Hook Into the Loop

Step 3: Hook Over the Top of the Horizontal Strand in the Back

Step 4: Draw Your Hook and Horizontal Strand Back Through the Loop, Towards You

Step 5: 1 Loop Corrected!

Step 6: Remove Hook From the Loop After Each Picked Up Stitch…this Will Keep You From Twisting the Stitches.

Step 7: Insert You Hook Back Onto the Loop, Through the Front. Hook Over the Top of Horizontal Strand in Back.

Step 8: Draw Hook and Strand Back Through the Loop, Towards You

Step 9: Since This in Your Final Dropped Stitch to Be Corrected, Place Loop Back Onto Left Needle

Step 10: Now Your Stitches Have All Been Picked Up and Corrected!

Just repeat this process for every row you’ve dropped a stitch. So,
if you have 6 horizontal strands…then you will do this 6 times before putting your last stitch back onto the left needle!

Happy Knitting!



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    Thank you for that. Just dabbling a bit I haven't found that fix but have needed it a couple times.

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