How to Play 3ds Games Using Gateway 3ds Flashcart

Gateway 3DS is one of the few flashcarts have the ability to let you play the 3DS games. 100% 3ds games compatibility, multi-rom support, 3ds game dumper added and more. But it only works on version 4.1-4.5 3ds/3ds xl. is the most reliable and best flashcart stores I have ever been in, fast delivery and actually located in the US.

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Step 1: Download the Latest Gateway 3ds Omega 2.1 Firmware

Download the latest omega 2.1 firmware from here, unzip the file and open the "Blue Card (R4i)" folder, copy and paste all the contents onto the root of your MicroSD card, btw, dont forget to format your microsd at the very beginning. Insert the microsd card into the gateway blue card slot and plug the blue card to your 3ds console.

Step 2: Repeat Gateway Installer on Ds Model Entry

Power on your 3ds, and select "Gateway Installer", press button to continue, select EUR/USA/JAP/KOR and press button A again. After done, remove the blue gateway card from your console, but keep the power on.

Step 3: Add Launcher to SD Card in the 3DS

Copy and paste the launcher.dat file (which you can find in the gateway 2.1 omega folder) into the root of the SD card, yeah, dont forget to backup your SD card at first too. And insert the SD card to your 3ds. And select

Setting-> other setting -> profile-> Nintendo DS profile

Step 4: Enjoy

Download the 3ds backups to the MicroSD card and insert it to the red gateway 3ds, and press "select", the games will be listed in the up screen. select the pokemon x or pokemon y, and enjoy your game :)



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