How to Play ChopSticks (Finger Game)




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Intro: Set Up

So first you have to make the playing board in 500 over complicated steps… Oh wait thats not it! It's actually really simple! First get a partner and stick out your hands in front of you with one finger on them. Have your partner do this too. Thats the set up part.

Step 1: Playing the Game

Your hands should be set up now and ready to go! Start the game off by picking who goes first. He/she then taps the other persons hand. Add the number of fingers the tapping hand had and add it to the receivers. For example right now the receivers hand that was tapped should have two fingers up while the tappers hands should still have one. When your farther into the game and if you have five fingers in a hand, then that hand is out and you have to make it into a fist. If you have any number higher than 5, for example 6, you put 1 finger in that hand. If it's seven then it's 2, 8, then it's 3, so on and so on. Lets say one hand is out (0) and the other hand has 2 fingers up, you can "bump" the 2 by splitting it evenly (half of 2 is 1, so you have one finger in each hand). You can only "bump" with even numbers! This move takes your turn. You can not get you own hand out! Play until you get the other players hands out (both in fists). Now you can boast to your enemies and own them at ChopSticks!



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3 years ago on Introduction

I used to bump with odd numbers too, but it would be more fun and harder playing it your way.

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8 months ago

what if they have two thumbs is that cheating

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toungue punch

8 weeks ago on Step 1

great rules finally someone who knwos how to play