War Strategy Card Game.

Introduction: War Strategy Card Game.

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This is the instructions and rules of a 2-4 player turn based war strategy card game I made up. If you think it looks boring please try it with a friend first because it usually ends up pretty fun. Thank you for viewing and I hope you like it!

Step 1: Preparation

- 1 (semi)complete of cards

- any amount of everyday objects to use as obstacles
- 1 or more pieces of paper for use as a background/map

Map Setup:
First, shuffle the cards thoroughly. Then place the cards face up in a 4x4 grid(or larger for a longer game), Third replace any face cards in the grid with numbers.Next, If playing with 2 players, make sure there is some red and black cards layerd out. If playing with 3 players make sure they are hearts, clubs, and diamonds layed out and NO spades. If playing with 4 players make sure they is some of every suit(hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) layed out. If desired you may use any object as an obstacle in your map, simply replace 1 or more of the cards with the object. You also may want to use pieces of paper layed out under the cards as a background/map if desired.

Player Setup:
First, Re-shuffle the cards. Second, give each player 4 cards face down in a stack(Reinforment Troops). Third give each player 1 card face up as a start of a discard pile.

Step 2: Play

If playing with two players one player's troops will be the red cards and the other player's the black. If playing with three or four players each player's troops will be the cards of one of the different suits(hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades).

Each player takes turns moving one of their troops or attacking another player's troop with one of his or her troops

Moving: A players turn can be moving a troop(card) one space, up, down, left, or right.
If any obstacles were placed on the map they are a position in which you cannot travel or, if you wish, you can make up your own obstacle(For Example: a quick sand pit in which the troop in it can't move for 3 turns)

Attacking: A players turn can be to attack another player's troops with one of his or her troops. The troops must be adjacent to one another via up, down, left, or right. The card with the higher number wins and with ties the defender wins, but either player can choose to use reinforments.

Reinforments: The four face down cards that each player received in the beginning are reinforment troops that can be used while attacking or defending. a player may use as many of his four reinforcements as he or she desires, with the following effects.

Number cards: Add the amount of the card to your original troop number or if using multiple reinforments, total of original troop and other Reinforment cards.

King: Double the troop amount of original or original and other reinforments

Queen: Add 50% to the troop amount on the card or total of original troop amount and other reinforments.

Jack: Negate(remove) the affect of the previous reinforment card. If it is the first reinforment card no affect.

Joker: Negate(remove) the affect of ALL previous reinforment cards used during that attack/defense.

Attacker and defender take turns using reinforment cards until both parties are finished, than the higher number wins or if it's a tie the defender wins. All reinforment cards used are discarded and each player receives(and places in bottom of reinforment stack) as many new reinforment cards as he used during the battle. then the losing troop card is added into the bottom of the winners reinforments. Reinforment cards always remain face down until use and and are always drawn from the top of the reinforment troops stack.

Step 3: Winning

The last remaining player on the board is the winner!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them in the comments below. Thank you for viewing and have and good day. God Bless!

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