How to Play and Make Money in Kingdom of Loathing.

This instructable will show people how to create a character and how to make meat (the game's currency)

Three reasons why this game is good:

-A DnD (dungeons n' dragons) parody
-Very funny
-You won't ever be able to spend too much time on it (it only lets you play so many adventures a day)

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Step 1: Creating Your Character

First go to Kingdom of Loathing's website


1. select 'create account'
2. Fill in the login info
3.Choose a class
4. hit create player
6.check e-mail and confirm your data so you can play.

Step 2: Getting Started and Making Meat.

You will have to go to 'NOOB MOUNTAIN' and talk to the bird (click on him)

then follow the birds orders.

but when you're killing the rabbits kill them till you get like 240 meat.

then when he asks you to get the trinkets and stuff get 2 trinkets and 2 hermit permits.

follow the birds orders.

keep adventuring till you level up.


Everyday get chewing gum and 'fish' for trinkets, then trade them to the hermit and sell them for 500 meat below the lowest price in the flea market.

The flea market is in the market district.

In about a month I had more than 400,000 meat from this

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Not the best game I have ever played, but certainly the weirdest.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, The Kingdom of Loathing. Tis a good game that includes lots of pop culture stuff (bad mix of words, but I digress...). I'm Lord Wolf there. Good idea.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    OH WOW. I had totally forgotten about this game. Awesome!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    its not quite the best way to make some meat in kol, but maybe it will be some more good exposure. i have been playing for 3 years now and still play everyday. this is the my favorite game out there. its hilarious. check it out