How to Play Connect Four

Introduction: How to Play Connect Four

This is a game played by two people. But for this version of game, you don't need the plastic grid. In this version you need to draw the 7x6 grid (with 7 as the base) in the paper.

Step 1: How to Play It

The X or O cannot be put anywhere. The columns should be filled only from bottom to top. The players take turns to play the game. The player wins if X or O is put four in a row (whether vertically or horizontally or diagonally).

Step 2: Common Tricks

In this section i will show you how to do double attack. Let player 1 be X, and the player 2 be O. In the image, you can see that if the the player 2 puts X in column no.7 to block player 1, then the player 1 can put O again in column no.7 to finish the game. The formation for double attack is descripted as the red circles in the image.

You should fill the center column first(column 4). Then there is a possibility of you winning the game within 41 moves.

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