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Card games are very popular everywhere. People enjoy them as they just kill the boredom . They are played in casinos too.

I will be telling about a famous Asian card game - Court Piece. It is widely played in India and Pakistan. In India it is called Coat Pees and RUNG too.

Pees is actually a Hindi ( Indian Language ) word for dealing ( distribution of cards ).

Rung is called The trump.

It is a 4 player game played with internation pack of 52 cards ( excluding blanks and JOKER cards) .

Step 1: The Players

As I said earlier , it is a four player game. There is a partnership between 2-2 persons to form 2 teams of two people. See the Image above and you will understand.

The ranking of cards :

Higher to lower

A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

The dealing and the Play is done anti-clockwise.

Step 2: The Dealing

The dealing is done anticlockwise. To choose the first dealer , everyone draw 1 card from a shuffled deck of cards. The person who has the highest ranked card in the four cards drawn , becomes the dealer and the person just seated right to the dealer is called the trump caller. After the 1st round, the winning and losing decides the dealer and the trump caller.

Step 3: The Game Starts !!

The cards are shuffled. Dealer and Trump caller is chosen. First 5-5 cards are given to all players and the trump caller chooses the trump .

A trump is a card that is played when you don't have a card of the trick's suit . If any higher trump is not played then , automatically the trick is yours. So try choosing that suit as trump , whose cards you have the most and of highest rank. Once the trump suit is chosen, 4-4 cards are distributed to everyone and again 4-4 cards are distributed to everyone. So that everyone get 13 cards in total. The trump caller leads the first trick and the other players have to follow the suit of the trick and have to play the cards according to it , if possible. The person who had played the highest card takes up the group of those 4 cards and put it aside. Then he plays the another trick of the suit of his choice. But if players don't have the cards of the suit played, they may leave a free by playing a card of another non-trump suit or may play the trump suit as they desire. And if multiple trumps are played then the person who has played the highest ranked trump card, wins that trick and takes up the group and keep it. The person who has won the trick, leads the next trick. And in this way the game goes on until all the cards have been played.

Step 4: Who Is the WINNER?

After all the cards are played , the tricks made by the players of same team are combined and then are counted. The team who has got more than 6 tricks, is declared the winner.

If the game has to be continued then, the a player from the losing team becomes the dealer and the player seated right to him is declared as trump caller . The rules for the next games are same. Just the trump caller and the dealer may be changed.

Step 5: Additional Advantages

Now the turn of the court .

If a teams makes 7 tricks in one row ( means , not letting the opposition make any trick until 7 tricks are made by that team.) then it is declared that, that team ( who has made 7 tricks in one row ) had done a court. A person without discussing with the partner can say that he will do a court. And if he succeed then he wins , but if he fails that it is very shameful for him and it is said that he is a horse

These were 2 types of courts .One which you do in partnership and One which you have to do as an individual (saying of a new trump is required).

During a court the rest rules remains same.

The Person who loses in a court , has to deal.



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    Hey i want to know more about this game as i am a CS student and working on a game for my Final Project so please help me at if you can. Thank You :)


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    Tusky2001 sir I haven't understand it fully.. will u help


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    how to tske points etc.
    Tricks etc involved.


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    for example how to cut..


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    I don't know ABC of the game..