How to Play Guitar: Get to Know Your Guitar.





Introduction: How to Play Guitar: Get to Know Your Guitar.

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You just got a new guitar! It looks really cool, but how do you play it? This is the place to learn! this is only part one though, it takes a lot to learn guitar.

You need:
  • a guitar
  • patience

That's it! You don't need picks right now. But you can make some.

Here's some useful guitar i'bles:

Step 1: Learn the Parts

First take a look at your guitar, to learn how to play, you have to know all the parts.

Step 2: How to Sit With Your Guitar

Sit in an armless chair, and rest the side of the guitar on top of your thighs. the back of the guitar should be facing you. The neck should be to your left. (to the right for lefties*)

  • if you're a lefty, make sure you bought a left-handed guitar, or take it back and get one. You can't just flip it around.

Step 3: The Neck

Take a look at the neck of the guitar. see those small metal bars on it? those are called frets.

  • photo from mrcam on flickr

Step 4: Strings

Look at the thickest string on your guitar. That one's called the low E string. The one below it, slightly thinner, is the A string. The next, is the D string, and the next is the G string. The Next is the B string, and the last , the highest string, is the e string.

It's important to know the order of the strings. I use an acronym to remember.


Step 5: End

Thanks for checking out my instructable! Look out for part 2, it's all about chords and notes and scales and stuff. Rock on.



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    2 years ago

    Eddie ate dynamite good by Eddie, thats whats works for me.

    Hey can anyone help me out here?

    To improve the discussion, I just thought I'd point out a GLARING ERROR.

    It's NOT an acronym; It's a mnemonic.

    (Acronyms substitute letters for words, not vice versa.)

    Still, I appreciate their cleverness AND their value (as mnemonics).

    OMG i love your acronym xD ive been using Every Body Gets Dinner And Eats

    1 reply

    Lol, me too... but now im faced with a big decision... i love food, and i love booms... which one!

    Jimi Hendrix jus flipped it around!

    ha ha i like your little acronym to help you remember XD lol

    Hm... The one thing I've noticed I have a big problem with is I can't read notes or tab (notes because I'm too lazy for all the theory). I have to have someone show me exactly how to play it. I'm terrible at translating guitar tab into actual music.