How to Play High Quality Games Without Graphic Card

Introduction: How to Play High Quality Games Without Graphic Card

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Just download this 3mb dll file and drag and drop it to your installed game folder . done...

U can fix your games errors like shader model 3 , 3d graphic problems using this trick .

This is the powerful game converter i have ever seen ..




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    Tried playing FIFA12 with this dll. It works but with much more lag. I can't even move the player smoothly. And there is a big logo of swift shader in game makes it unplayable sometimes.

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    config your game resolution to 640*480 , u can't remove the logo if u want remove it buy swift shader software ..thank u

    Will this work for LEGO star wars tfa?

    This is very slow


    2 years ago

    can i play team fortress 2 with this ?

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    You can play tf2 with just about anything, just turn the settings onto the lowest and you can get around 30fps ;)


    2 years ago

    it didn't work with need for speed most wanted 2012 and need for soeed rivals can you help me with this problem maybe by Reload your program for this kind of games

    Will it work for dota 2, Pls answer me i need it i really really want to play dota 2 but still no have graphics card/ video card.

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    Or message me in my facebook acc. (Angelo Bajo)

    Actually this isn't for playing HD games at all. It is for fixing games that used to run but suddenly began crashing, such as Delta Force: Black HAwk Down's saved error.

    This makes the game exremely slow and drops fps to about 5 or 2. It also PC also shuts off by itself whenever I'm using it. My all games are laggy even I delted this

    how to download

    waoooo good best very nice i have played "Don bradman cricket 14" without graphic card i am very glad to came here for this problem. thank you so much dear. nice working. 100% working this.

    Dear bro. it is very slow & i dont play my game gta iv plaese hlp me
    Any onther file
    Plaese replay fastly brother

    when i click swift shader there they say they cant connect it to the host wat to do

    i install it and play medal of honor game but when i open the moha.exe runtime error show on screen give me solution

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    you need to re configure your nfs mw setting of players, re-default it and save. After this you may start your game again.