How to Play the Game of Euchre

Introduction: How to Play the Game of Euchre

Euchre is a fun, easy, and entertaining card game that you can play with 4 players and a deck of cards. It can be played by players 8 or older. This guide will guide you through a game of euchre, and allow you to play this fun game on your own.

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Step 1: 1. Initiating Set Up

> Set up the deck. Euchre is played with 24 cards, the 9 through Ace inclusive in each suit.
> Find a place to play. The game is best played on a small 4-sided table.
> Set up teams. The game is played with 2 teams with the team members sitting across from one another.
> Set up scoring. Scoring is from one to ten, and can be either kept track of on a a piece of paper or by use of cards, often with a 4 and a 6, using one card to reveal the amount of points earned.

Step 2: 2. Shuffling and Dealing

1. Shuffle the deck normally.
2. When you are the dealer, deal 5 cards to each player. Tip: It is customary to alternate giving out 2 cards and 3 cards to each player to speed up the flow of the game, but it is not necessary.
3. Place the remaining four cards out in front of you.
4. Flip the top card of the extra 4 face up.
5. Rotate the dealer position one player to the right after each round.

Step 3: 3. Bidding

1. The first player to the right of the dealer will start the bidding. The bidding will go around the table counterclockwise two times.
2. For the first time around, bid according to the suit of the card on top of the extra card.
3. If you think you can get 3 or more tricks in the suit displayed being trump, accept it, if not, pass.
  > If someone bids on the suit displayed, the dealer may take the card displayed and discard one of the cards in his hand.
4. If no one bids on the displayed suit, the dealer will turn the displayed card face down.
5. The bidding goes around another time, and each player may bid any of the 3 suits that was not displayed on the previous round of bidding. Any suit bidded on in this round will be trump.
6. If no one has bidded in the second round, the dealer cannot pass, and must bid on a suit.

Step 4: 4. Playing a Round

1. The player to the left starts off play. 
2. Going along clockwise, each player places a card down.
  > The players must play the suit lead if they have a card of that suit. If not, the can play a trump card or an off-suit card. Tip: Off-suit cards can never win tricks.
3. If you have the highest card, take the cards (called a trick) and place them neatly in front of you.
  > The highest card starts with the Jack of the trump suit, called the RIght Bower, and then the Jack of the off suit of the same color (hearts for diamonds, clubs for spades, etc.) called the Left Bower. It then goes down Ace, King, Queen, Ten, Nine. The highest card (ace through nine) of the leading card's suit wins the trick.
4. After winning a trick, you start the next trick by laying down a card. 5 tricks are played per round.

Step 5: 5. Scoring

> If you bid for a suit and win either 3 or 4 of the 5 tricks, award your team one point.
> If you bid for a suit and win all 5 tricks, award your team two points.
> If the other team bid, and your team wins the majority of tricks, award your team two points.
> You can declare a "go alone" hand if you think your hand is good enough to win all five tricks. Your partner will not play the round if "go alone" is called. Scoring is normal on "go alone" hands, unless you get all of the tricks, in which you award your team 4 points.
> The first team to ten points wins the game.

Step 6: Conclusion

Congratulations! You can now play the fun, trick winning card game of Euchre. Euchre is a nice and quick game that's easy to learn and can provide great entertainment. Enjoy!

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