How to Pop Back in a Dislocated Shoulder




Introduction: How to Pop Back in a Dislocated Shoulder

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ok - when i was a kid, my left shoulder used to dislocate all the time. i made this clip for a friend that spent over 6 hours at the hospital waiting for someone to pop it back in. since i had the clip i decided to put it here in case it could help anyone else...

You can do it alone, it doesnt involve running in walls or anything violent, you just need to be able to stand up and be on a planet that has a sufficient gravity field.

DISCLAMER - i'm not a doctor. this method worked every time for me, but maybe it wont for everyone so do it at your own risk.



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    Thank you so much for posting this. At the very worst, it looks as if it could do no harm. I have had two ungodly brutal experiences at the ER: 3 hours to relocate the shoulder, all the while in terrible pain with my blood pressure raging sky high (200/100). Genuinely life threatening. Don't know if I'll be able to do this technique, but will definitely try. Again, thanks!

    I dislocated my shoulder 4 years ago and the piece of my rotator cuff has not grown back into place. So I had another skiing accident 2 months ago. I keep dislocating it again when I am half asleep and reach up to pull the blanket over me. I have used the technique every time, but the pain keeps me from falling asleep again. Has anyone learned how to do this while asleep? If so, please post it!


    2 years ago

    can't believe this got almost 59k views! glad it helped!!!!!

    Amazing. My shoulder was severely dislocated 12 weeks ago. It has since popped most of the way back in. I still have pain when fully stretching. I popped it back in 100% with this video! No more pain! Seriously, I signed up just to thank you.

    Perfect video will use forever

    Perfect video will use forever

    Wow just now you saved my life thank you a million times

    I had surgery yesterday for a torn left shoulder rotator cuff. It was the result of an anterior dislocation back in May, the result of falling from a ladder. It is always recommended that a trained professional puts it back in place. If this work for you, great! Thank you for posting and I want to praise you for adding a disclaimer to your project. That is a very responsible action. Many people ask and give health related advice without the proper training.

    WATCH OUT !!!

    Ask your doctor for any such maneuvers. There are a couple "standard" ones, saddly enough there are no such things as "standard shoulders". Every one has his own and there are a lot of reasons WHY the shoudler pops out.

    Here at Instructables we should be confortable with the concept that mechanical failuers of machines, engines or robots may occur for different reasons and there is no single way to fix them all. Same thing for shoulders popping out: find YOUR reason, YOUR way of it popping out and so the correct thing for your putting it back.

    Have a doctor teaching you how to do it properly.
    A frong manuver could get you an incredible ammount of trouble: should a nerve, muscle or even worst a tiny blood vessel get piched in the joint you might be facing incredible amount of pain or loos the sense of touch (nerves) or even have blod stopping and risk gangrene.

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    As stated in the disclaimer, this might not work for everyone. It should not replace a visit at the hospital as it wont fix the reason why it dislocated in the first place.

    My shoulder used to dislocate (anterior dislocation) 2 or 3 times a week for over 10 years, and every time i replaced it using this method. it was prone to dislocate whenever my elbow was higher than the shoulder, or when throwing things.
    its evident that if you dislocate a shoulder after a car crash or some other traumatic incident, then dont attempt this as there might be other issues.

    like i said, it worked for me and if you're inclined to try to put it back yourself then this its probably the less damaging or violent way you will find anywhere on the internet.

    It's not what I do, but it certainly has the advantage that it's mild enough that you're unlikely to do yourself much damage checking if it works or not; shucks - it looks less violent than what you'd experience just being transported to a hospital... (Mel Gibson is a poor example!)
    OTOH, if your shoulder isn't prone to this sort of thing, you probably need to see a Dr anyway, and they tend not to be very receptive unless they see it out. The one time I went to a hospital, my should relocated itself in between the time it was X-rayed and the time the Dr came in to look at it (much faster than 6 hours, BTW.)

    OK, I was cringing in sympathy pain just reading the headline...

    When mine would fall out, I would just grab myself by the wrist, straighten my arm, apply a steady pressure, and push it back in... then again, my labrum (inner cartilage) was ripped to shreds, so both the falling-out and pushing-back-in part were pretty easy to accomplish. I couldn't imagine it being stuck outside the socket for 6 hours. That sounds miserable.

    Glad to see you put that disclaimer in there. Just sayin'.