How to Practice "Instructa-quette"





Introduction: How to Practice "Instructa-quette"

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Due to a rash of "yours sucks" projects and comments, I've taken it upon myself to create a project that defines ettiquette and, once more, points out the ToS. And, yes, i know this project sucks! sucks the soul right outta me to do it.

Step 1: Read the ToS

Read that. or if it's a bit too much to wade through,
read that, the "human readable ToS". Pay careful attention to the last point.
That would, one would hope obviously, be the first thing you'd read before posting a new project.

Step 2: Consider Yourself.

Ego is a good and necessary thing, in moderation. Try to put yours aside while creating a project and just concentrate on teaching/amusing/creating. If you're improving on an idea, constructively explain how/why you are improving it, and then go on to do so.

Step 3: Don't Be Afraid!

Your opinion IS VALUED! If people don't get feedback, they don't improve, things stagnate, and we end up like...well, the rest of "them", the docile placated masses that have freezers full of t.v. dinners and still buy kitchen gadgets off t.v. because they "make life easier". If you think something's great, go ahead and rave, if you think something's not so hot, say why and try to help it become something useful. Please don't just say "that sucks" or "that's useless". It doesn't help and leads to flame wars. Yes, one of man's greatest skills is our ability to create fire, but one of our greatest faults is the ability to create war, so please don't mix the two.

Step 4: Comment!!!!

Obviously none of this should need to be said, and also I'm fully aware that I am NOT the one to be saying it, having had my own spat or two. But unfortunately this IS a public site and anyone can come on in and create a project or comment, and while there IS the ToS blatantly posted, i feel it doesn't go deep enough into how this community should behave (in my opinion; read step 3). I have developed a deep affection for this place and am disheartened to think that it may go the way of irc or some of the forums out there. If you have anything to add, please do. I just got off of work, and am tired, so i'm sure i said too much/little. Good game, sport, now go out there and show them HOW TO MAKE SOMETHING...



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    Dude, this instructable sucks. Just kidding. More people should read this.

    I think your points are valid if someone is trying to post a legitimate instructable. However I do retain the right to ridicule and persecute any of the morons who put pictures of themselves and instructions on how to wink or smoke.

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    "bar one or two" better up that to four or five....i smoke and i hate winkers....but in those cases i chose the "anti-FCC" approach and simply didn't view them through willpower (it was tough, but i kicked it) and a little something i like to call free choice. don't get me wrong, i'm not in any way shape or form saying that every instructable on here belongs here, but i....i got nothing, i pretty much agree with you all the way. but von klaus is a good guy.

    The x-ray picture on your web link is hilarious

    !!! I can't belive my young, no-longer-innocent eyes!

    i'd like, at this point, to put on the record the fact that i just run the site, i don't choose the picture's or make the music, i just volunteer my services because they needed a site and have no money or ability to write html (sure, like i do...) AND i've decided to clean up some of the nastiness on this project because it really defeats the purpose of this instructable to be quibbling in the comment section about racism and seal killing.

    I dont like to be nasty but.... Mind control devices ? Broken Jar ?


    11 years ago

    yes. schadenfreude seems to be very popular, especially with me. And i could almost swear it's become a little brighter in this project.

    what the plus and minus thingy does is if you like the instructable you click plus and vice versa it will show up on the instructable that you liked it (or not) and will also show up on your account thingy PS give me a break on the speeeeeling I'm only 13 and hate Inglash class (I just stink at putting words n crap together)

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    i just read the best quote on the whole spelling thing. "Is sloppiness in speech caused by ignorance or apathy? I don't know and i don't care" - William Safire

    Thanks for posting this... maybe a few more people will actually read what it says :P That being said, it is possible to post your distaste for a project without being mean spirited etc. Positive and negative criticism is good crticism (ask any musician :P). But, if you are going to leave negative feedback - you better be able to back yourself up and explain why. Giving a suggestion on how to remedy is a plus.... If you don't support your opinion... bah, read the TOS :P I will continue to flame on those who post projects showing a complete lack of respect for amateur pyrotechnics. You know the ones... with no pictures or pictures blatantly ripped from another source...

    Ok i agree but I think that its not the people who post mean comments fault its the people who make a useless instructable and don't take the time to go over it and make it better, there asking for it. But I can see where your comeing from.

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    Okay, there are some truely hard to put a good face on type of intructables, but bar one or two, there's always a way to make them better, or use them as a base for something more impressive. just kick the idea around a bit and i'm sure good things will come of it.