How to Prep Kale

Kale is beautiful and delicious

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Step 1: Get the Freshes Organic Kale Possible

Your health food store or your farmers market has some awesome kale for sure.

Avoid pre-cut and pre-washed kale if you can

As with all greens its better to buy organic!

Step 2: Wash Your Kale

Wash it in clean water

Step 3: Take It Out

when the water is too dirty after washing it for the first time, repeat the process with clean water

Step 4: Dry It

watch the video for my special technique to dry kale or any leaves without a spinner

Step 5: Rip the Leaves

in the video I showed how i do it

Step 6: Massage Them

massaging the leaves makes them softer, but you don't have to do this

Step 7: Use the Leaves in a Salad and Enjoy!

you can make delicious salads, here one suggestion for an easy and beautiful kale salad that you can make in ten minutes with just a knife, a bowl and your hands

you will need a corn, tomatoes, and one avocado

More Kale and Kale recipes here

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