How to Prepare for Magic

Introduction: How to Prepare for Magic

I am going to teach you how to do some magic. You will become the next Houdini. Always say abracadabra before you do a trick. Always say Ta-Da after you do a trick.  This is my first Instructable, so please don't be too hard when you commit.

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Step 1: Magic Out-fit

 You have to wear something with long sleeves and a lot of pockets. Please keep the Out-fit somewhat professional. Ok the first thing you need to do is find a nice out-fit to wear to do magic. You can wear a suit with plenty of pockets and the important thing is you need to have sleeves. You can get away with not wearing a suit, but then you would not have any professionalism.

Step 2: Tricks

Ok once you have you magical out-fit picked out, you can start thinking about the magic. You have to learn a trick. I will teach you your first trick. After you learn one trick, you will have to learn many other tricks. Okay here is your first trick. Take a Coin and a piece of cloth. Hold the cloth in your right hand. Your hand should be posed like you are about to pinch someone(you do this with the hand that is under the cloth). Then you tuck some of the cloth between your thumb and figure(you do this where the audience can't tell what you are really doing). Now place the coin into your left hand and act like you are putting it under the cloth, but in actually you are not placing it under the cloth( you want your audience to think it is under the cloth). You then say " I am going to have the coin materialize through the cloth". Now you act like you are fixing the cloth( you are actually placing the coin over the cloth and in between your thumb and figure). Next you fold the top side of the cloth over the coin and your hand( you should be holding the coin through the cloth). Now you wave your left hand over the right hand(the hand that is holding everything) and you say " abracadabra" or " presto", maybe you can say both if you want, but it would confuse people. Now you unfold the cloth and at the same time open your right hand out flat. Now you have a coin that looks like it has penetrated through the cloth. I did not take any pictures of how to do the trick so you are going to do your best in learning the trick with out pictures.

Step 3: After the Trick

Now after you performed the trick, you bow. Okay you have learned your first trick and are getting close to your goal. If you just now performed this trick in front of people, you might have screwed up and the people saw how the trick was done. You are going to have to keep practicing the trick in order to know how to do it with out screwing it up. You can't learn a trick by doing it once, you have to keep doing the trick. You are also going to learn more tricks. You need many more tricks, not just one in order to be a magician. If you want to be just like Houdini you will have to learn some of his tricks too. You can try to look like Houdini too.

Step 4: The Rules of Magic

One never tell anyone how a trick is done. Two never claim to have supernatural abilities. Three do not interfere with or jeopardize the performance of another magician either through personal intervention or the unauthorized use of another's creation. Four recognize and respect for rights of the creators, inventors, authors, and owners of magic concepts, presentations, effects and literature, and their rights to have exclusive use of, or to grant permission for the use by others of such creations. Five discourage false or misleading statements in the advertising of effects, and literature, merchandise or actions pertaining to the magical arts. Six discourage advertisement in magic publications for any magical apparatus, effect, literature or other materials for which the advertiser does not have commercial rights. Seven promote the humane treatment and care of livestock used in magical performances.

Step 5: More Magic

You will have to get a lot of tricks which may include props and animals and other stuff. A lot of those props are expensive and are hard to get because of that fact. Some props can be made from paper. You can build the props but that might be to much work for some people, it is the cheapest way to get props though. I will tell you how to make a prop but there would be no pictures. Ok get a 8x4 piece of plywood. Mark out four even pieces of the board, the cut from the wide edge to the other wide edge. Now you should have four even pieces. Get some nails and nail it together into a Kind of box with no bottom or top, it should just be sides. Now take some scrap plywood and cut three pieces that are the same size as one of the sides. Once you have those three pieces of wood, take one of them and cut it where it resembles a frame(like for pictures). Then take one of the other two pieces of wood and put a kind of framed trim onto it so that the sides can sit on it with out sliding around. take the last piece of wood and the "frame" and lay them together along the longer edge. Now put hinges(two) onto where the edges meet. Now close the hinges and turn it so that the frame faces up, put a framed trim onto it like you did for the other one. Now you should have a box with a lid, and the box can come apart into a board with a framed trim on it, a square tube, and a frame with a piece resembling one of the sides attached to it with hinges. Now Make a sort of cloth bag with a flap by the top. Take this bag and using small screws fasten(put the screws into the flap) it to the what would be the inside of the lid when the box is put together. Now you have a prop that can be used for a trick where it requires you to take the box apart to show that there is nothing there.

Step 6: Magic Out

As before always say stuff when doing a trick, because it will help the out come of the trick. I can't tell you how important it is. It is important though. Always bow after you are done doing magic. Act as surprised as the audience, because if you don't the audience will not be surprised. Once again never claim to have any special abilities( Chris Angel did and every time he does something people try to prove him fake),of course magic is fake but it is entertainment and if you don't claim any bogus abilities people will be less likely to try to prove you fake.

Step 7: Last

I hope you can take something from this instructable and that it is useful. Thank you for reading my instructable.

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