How to Pull a Prank on Your Teacher by Booby Trapping His Chair With an Egg

Introduction: How to Pull a Prank on Your Teacher by Booby Trapping His Chair With an Egg

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When looking for prank victims there are some people who are off limits, teachers don't fall into that list of exceptions though.

Here's a little messy prank you can set up for your teacher on April Fool's Day, which is pretty much the only day you might be able to get away with this.

Good luck!

Step 1: Setting Up!

You'll have have to be sneaky when attempting to set up this booby trap. Below are the the steps you'll need to take to be successful when pulling off this practical joke. Did I forget to say you'll need an egg for this?

*First arrive in class extra early and make sure your teacher or no one is around.

* Locate your teacher's chair and adjust the lever so the chair is at it's highest.

* Take the egg and put it in between the lever and the bottom of the seat, make sure it's snug.

* Leave the classroom quietly without anyone seeing you.

That's all there is to it, When the first bell rings, the fun and laughs will begin!

Step 2: Prank Time!!!

So the bell rings and every body comes in, you take your seat obviously observing your teacher from afar, When he or she takes a seat, they'll notice the chair is to high up so naturally their first instinct will be to adjust the heigh on the chair to a more comfortable height. As soon as they pull on that lever the egg will crack causing a messy yolky messy.

Please prank responsibly and don't blame me if you get in trouble haha!

For further instructions and a full demo, please check out the first prank on the video provided or CLICK HERE!

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    5 years ago

    nice one to pull on kalush this year! thanks for the cool ible!