How to Put Bluray HD on Regular DVDs - Short Film Tutorial


Introduction: How to Put Bluray HD on Regular DVDs - Short Film Tutorial

Tutorial showing how to put a High Definition Short film on a regular DVD that can be played on a Blu-ray player using Sony Vegas 8 and Nero 8



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    You need a blu-ray software like Macgo Blu-ray Player.


    You should give a program called DVDFab a try. You'll need the Bluray to Bluray version. If you give it a shot, I recommend ripping the Bluray disc to your hard drive using its full disc mode before you proceed. From there, open up the folder you just ripped in Blu-ray main movie mode. You're going to want to select BD-9 for 1080p content as it won't compress 1080p discs to a BD-5 without scaling the video to 720p. It rips mpeg4 content perfectly and will even reencode uncompressed HD audio to AC3 audio. They play perfectly fine on a Playstation 3.

    After doing this, I generally use imgburn to burn the disc, but if you've had good luck with Nero, of course, then use that.

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    Why not simply burn the disc with DVDFab,or do you have some version that won't allow burning of BluRay discs?