How to Put a Bell on Your Cat.




Introduction: How to Put a Bell on Your Cat.

I am going to teach you how to put a bell on your cat.

Step 1: Materials

1: cat.
1: collar with bell on it.

Note: For those of you who don't know what a collar with a bell on it, or a cat looks like, I have provided a carefully labeled picture of the materials.

Note: For those of you who still don't know what a cat or a collar with a bell on it looks like, I recommend counseling.

Step 2: Step 1

Unfasten the collar.

Step 3: Step 2

Put the collar around you cats neck.

Step 4: Final Step

Fasten the collar. Congratulations! Your cat is now wearing a bell.

Important safety note: unless you are a really horrible person, make sure the collar is loose enough to not choke your cat.



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    I was recently reminded just how much my cat loves "clothes" (btw - Keba looks remarkably like the one pictured). I slipped a flea collar on her because she picked up a bug or two after a visit to the vet.

    She knows "pretty girl" and "pretty collar" and now falls asleep with her purr motor going extra strong.

    Her name is because she looks like a ninja in her tuxedo hood and I love saying "Hi-Keba!"

    I do hope you all realize this instructable is a joke. I made one afternoon because I was bored.

    Would you really want to do that? WHY??? That would not fly with my cat, it would drive me crazy after 10 minutes, unless your cat sleeps all day, and you just want to monitor the time when he is actually awake, LOL.

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    My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat so I put a bell on him when he goes out for when I call him to come in I know when he is coming by the tinkle of his bell. If I dont hear it I call some more til he comes home.
    Make sense?
    I also put a reflective break-away collar on him so he can be seen at night (he is a black cat) by drivers and so he does not get trapped going under a fence or in branches.
    I love my cats and they have lived to be over 21 yeears old in the past.

    Why would your mom put a bell on a cat, did she get it confused with a cow??? i can see the resemblance, cows are black and white too, LOL

    WOW, You must have Dalmatians, are they wearing bells too??? or is that another instructible soon to be, LOL

    Actually they are karelian bear dogs and they have the same pattern as my cat. LOL

    i use cause my cats a indoor cat and he tends to sneak up on me and scare the crap out of me

    You'd put a bell on a cat so then something like this would happen Cat used Bell Collar, +5 attractiveness!!!

    You would put a bell on a cat to scare the birds away outside! If you are a bird lover..

    Unfasten the collar Put the collar around you cats neck Fasten the collar ? What about the cat, the claws, the teeth etc? Is this the limit of your knowledge on fitting a collar (there must be more)? L

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