How to Put a Custom Image on Your Xbox 360 Dashboard.(Pre Fall 08 Update)




In this instructable im going to show you how to put a custom image as your background on your xbox 360.

there are the same steps for doing this with the new and old dashboard. when i get a chance i will update the whole thing with new pictures.

Step 1: What You Need

To do this instructable you will need a few things:

a usb memory device
xbox 360
an image

Step 2: The Image

You should have an image that will fit over the whole dashboard.

A 7X7 inch picture will fill the whole main dashboard but will not fill whole menus like your videos list.

To make the picture cover every thing I would use a 10X7 inch picture.

Step 3: Format

When you save your picture to your usb device as a JPEG. JPEG is the only format i found that works well.

Step 4: Plug It in Plug It In

Plug you usb device in to your xbox. Not hard stuff here.

Step 5: Media Blade

Go to the media blade then pictures.

Step 6: Saving

press A on pictures then chose portable device. Hilight the picture you want and press Y.

Step 7: Are You Sure?

This will set the picture as the background. Are you sure you want to use this picture?

To change the background later, open xbox guide, select personal settings, and select themes.

Yes use this picture.

Step 8: Done

there you go your done. The picture applies to every blade except the guide blades and the marketplace blade.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    You can still do this after the update. All you do is put in a CD with pictures on it and go to the pictures tab, select the picture and select set as background.

    2 replies

    i know it still works i just had pre 08 update because i did not know if how you do it would change im working on updating this instructable