How to Put Cwcheat on Hacked Psp




Introduction: How to Put Cwcheat on Hacked Psp

This guide I'll show you how to put Cwcheat on a HACKED psp.
If you are unfamilliar with these terminology refer to the list below:

Cwcheat----A homebrew cheat device that allows players to cheat in-game with database
.prx----A plugin module for hacked psp that have diffrent functions
Recovery menu---- the menu that appears when holding R trigger when booting psp
CFW----Abbreviation for custom firmware

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for people that don't follow the instructions and mess up their psp, so only do it at your own risk!!!

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Step 1: Step 1

Ok the very first thing you'll have to do is download the cwcheat package and the latest DB (database)
Links are below...

CWcheat package:

CWcheat db: Included in above package

After that on the psp go to SETTINGS>SYSTEM SETTINGS>SYSTEM INFORMATION and you'll see your firmware version ending with letters, WRITE THIS DOWN ON PAPER: YOU'LL NEED IT LATER!

Now plug in your psp through a usb cable or a card reader for memory stick.
Go to the root of the memory stick, there should be a folder named "SEPLUGINS". If not then make a new folder named 'SEPLUGINS'.

Step 2: Step 2

Assuming your -CWcheat package- download has finished, open the file with winrar or 7-zip.
There will be a mess of files.

Heres when you'll need what you wrote down on paper earlier, if you're custom firmware version is anything OTHER THAN 3.71m33 proceed to the next step. If you're firmware version IS 3.71 m33 goto the *special* step.

step for non 3.71m33
Now look for the folder called INSTALL and open it,there should be a folder of seplugins inside.Copy and paste it on the root of you're memory stick.

*special*step for 3.71m33
Ok go to the file called INSTALL_371and open it, there should be a folder of seplugins inside.Copy and paste it on the root of you're memory stick.

You may ask what makes the INSTALL and INSTALL_371 folders so diffrent but the processes are the same, the reason is that the files are coded diffrently and DO NOT MIX THEM UP!

Step 3: Step 3

On to the PSP! Now unplug your psp and shut it off completely by holding the power button up 3 seconds until screen goes black, not sleep mode! Then hold down the R-trigger while turning it on, you should see the Recovery menu. Navigate down with D-pad to PLUGINS> and press X. Enable all of them by scrolling down and press X on every item. After that exit the recovery by going back and hit the exit button. You're now at the XMB and start any game you want, just make sure they are one of the older ones, but NOT HOMEBREW GAMES!

when the game has loaded, press select and hold until a menu pops up. there are several options including select cheats, enable cheats and blah blah blah... Choose select cheats and press X on the ones you want, then go back by pressing O and press X on the enable cheats option. Exit by hitting the select button and the cheats should be effective in game. Whenever you want to access the cheat menu just press and hold select.

Step 4: (before You)Have Fun :-)

 one more thing : remember the DB? well if there are newer games that you want cheat on, the older DB that you are using may need to be updated. Simply enter USB mode, go into SEPLUGINS and find the cwcheat folder. Inside you will find other folders like mc, remaps and text. But we focus on the CHEAT.DB file, just replace the old CHEAT.DB with the new one we downloaded and hopefully there will be updated cheats for new games.

Step 5: Have Fun :-)

This is my first instructable and I hope it helped you and liked it

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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    The Cwcheat file i downloaded didnt have the files in your pictures.


    4 years ago

    Wow, thanks! This is real awesome!


    Reply 4 years ago

    It gives you the links in the STEP 1.You must download both files.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Does this work with psp 3000, 6.60? This seems really old, so I'm worried.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes.But you must copy the INSTALL file to your root memory stick.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    can you do this with a 1000 phat, and with official firmware from sony?