How to Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle




Introduction: How to Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle

This instructable will teach you to put together a jigsaw puzzle using the best tricks and tips that my grandma uses.

Step 1: What You Will Need

get these materials from any place you can find them.
puzzle glue(hobby store)
any size puzzle with a cover.(most stores sell them)
a good sized table(best if its unused alot of the time)

Step 2: Building the Outside of the Puzzle

start by making the outside of the puzzle. you know the pieces with a flat side or two.follow the pictures if you can't understand.

Step 3: The Hard Part

now you need to fill the inside of the puzzle. this is the hard part because depending on the puzzle this could take days or weeks.

Step 4:



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    We make personalized photo jigsaw puzzles and we offer a large variety of shapes, sizes and piece counts. We love to see instructions on how to complete jigsaw puzzles! Thanks so much for this info, as we will pass this on!

    The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

    Thanks for posting this. I've been trying to convince a friend that it's much easier to put the "frame" (outside edges) together first. Seeing it in print was more convincing for her than hearing it from me.

    The best tricks and tips that your grandma uses are: "start by making the outside of the puzzle" and "then fill the inside of the puzzle"? (And what's the glue for?) This might be finished as far as you are concerned, but there's more to completing jigsaw puzzles that just this much - can you not add anything more to it? L

    sorry its my second instructable but also you usually look at the box for help and also you should always be patient when you do a puzzle never be to fast.

    I could give you some tips, but I'm not making an Instructable out of them... Can you get some more from your Grandma? Otherwise this really doesn't show anyone very much about how to complete jigsaws (and you didn't answer on the glue). L