How to Quickly and Freely Download (and Convert) Music and Videos Using Firefox





Introduction: How to Quickly and Freely Download (and Convert) Music and Videos Using Firefox

With a little help from Firefox's DownloadHelper add on, you can dowload any song thats played on website or any video on youtube.  

Step 1: Things

you will need

1. Firefox
2. Downloadhelper , which can be found at

3. the website at which your song/video is located. 

Step 2: Download!

        after you download downloadhelper, go to the wesite with the song/ video. 

        then click on the little button with moving colored balls next to the URL on top of the page.

        then click on the number with ex:  13337041.mp3

        if it is in the file that you want, ex: .mp3, then you can just click download.

        This is when  you can properly rename it and choose the location to download to. 

Step 3:

     you can also choose to convert it too.

     this is very handy for videos, since youtubes videos are in an unwanted file : .flv    

          it can be changed to
          .avi or
          the good files. 



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    2 years ago

    DownloadHelper is fine in downloading videos, but it may prompt users to install more plugins like the ConvertHelper or others. I also like to check the alternatives to DownloadHelper to compare different solutions.

    Want to download latest music ? Checkout this video. Download your favourite songs for FREE

    I tried the plugin, chose 'download and convert' (.flv to avi (mpeg4+ mpeg3). But the file still shows up as .flv, and cannot be played back. Any idea what's going on?

    I read this last night, downloaded the plug in, and it worked just fine.  The last downloader I used was for youtube only and it had to be updated every few months or it would shut down.  I love how easy this one is.

     Thank you so much!  Used this thing for over a year, worked perfectly... then windows crashed (surprise surprise) and forgot what it was called... have tried about a dozen others and nothing works as well as this.  Life saver