How to Re-insert a Thread Into Pants & Trousers




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1) As you see, I simply bought me a flexible metal rod (for fences/gardening) and cutted a short portion of the insolation away.

2) So you can fold a small amount of thread over it and fix it with tape.

3) Then it's pretty easy to re-insert the thread due to the smooth insulation of the rod (green).

Hope this helps!




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    In my family we used to put a safety pin in the end of the cord, then work the safety pin around inside.

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    thanks for your comment! this is for sure another nice approach! What I like with the rod is, that you can do this maybe a little bit quicker. Let's start a contest! :)

    Anyway, what comes to my mind is, that you maybe not need a insulation and you can rather go for thinner rods and the cool thing is, that you can literally stick the rod through the pants. just it. — have to start a business with it ;)