How to Read QR Codes From Your Computer


Introduction: How to Read QR Codes From Your Computer

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This instructable will show you a cool website to read QR codes from your computer and by the way the website is actually in the QR code above.

Step 1: What Are QR Codes?

QR code stands for:




It is basically a square bar code, see more info here.

Step 2: Making QR Codes

this is a website to make QR codes. First you need to choose if you want to display text, a website or a V-card. Then type in your message, choose your file type, size and color and the QR code will appear on the right.

Step 3: Reading QR Codes

this is a website to read QR codes, it can read from your camera or from a picture, and as you probably guessed it, QR codes give a "quick response" so it should be fast.

Step 4: Done!

Know you know how to read and make QR codes with your computer!

PS. Any easter eggs?



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