How to Read Wired Magazine!

I love Wired and have been a subscriber for many years. I am a big fan but don't like the way the ads hamper my ability to read the magazine. I have repeatedly expressed my opinions about the amount, and invasive nature of the advertising. I've told many a re-subscribe agent (who told me they can take and do pass on suggestions) that I'd pay a lot more than the $10 yearly subscription for a less in-your-face take on the advertising. I wrote the editor. I complained to anyone who would listen. And now you are listening, or rather reading, so here goes my "how to" on reading Wired Magazine. Maybe you agree, and maybe they will hear what we think.

Step 1: Get Prepared

Get out your favorite cutting impliment. I like box cuters. !*!*!* AT ALL TIMES BECAREFUL NOT TO CUT YOURSELF *!*!*!

Step 2: Cut Open the Shipping Bag

Use your knife to cut open one end of the bag. I like to cut on a top or bottowm to make a long, rather than wide, bag.

Step 3: Remove the Magazine

Pull out your Wired magazine. Leave the advertising card in the bag. The bag is now empty except for the card. Now your bag is a great place to dispose of those anoying Magosites!

Step 4: Flip and Shake

The easist magosites to remove are the subscription cards that are just williy-nilly placed throughout the magazine. Hold your Wired upsidedown by the binding (?, fold, crease ) and do a flip through while shaking. This should dislodge most of the loose cards.

Use that shipping plastic, that you have converted into a bag, as your storage for the magosites. This allows for easy disposal or recycling as you see fit.

Step 5: Thumb Through Your Wired

Pick up your Wired Magazine and do a quick thumb through. I like to do it quickly, like you were flipping through a stack of cards or an animation flip book. There will be obvious stops in this process. These stops are the location of magosites or invasive advertising.

Major offenders are:

Gummed in Booklets. These are sticky gummed in booklets that really get in the way of a good read.
Subscribe Cards: These are either mounted or just tossed in. These also come out in a first pass.
Thicker Pages: These ads want your attention. Cut them out!
Fold Out Pages: Hey look, a pre perforated tear out seam that looks like an ad fold. RIP!

Step 6: Remove Offensive Ads

It may take you a few passes, but if you are dileginent you will suceed in removing invasive ads. As you thumb through you will need to look harder and harder. Ads become sneakier as they start losing friends. They will try to hide.

Remove gummed in booklets, the gum, and then, if it makes you feel better, use the knife to cut out the gum tab. (See cutting in one of the following steps.)

You can also cut out the leftover parts of a perforation gone astray or just plain cut before the perforation tear for a smoother flip and a "I do what I want, not what you want, Magazine Man!" kind of feeling.

Step 7: Cut It Out!

Yes, Wired, stop it already with the invasive ads! Actually this step is about how to cut.

I like to cut as close to the binding (can you call it that in a magazine?) as possible. To do this is cut on the side that is closest to either end. If you are on page five and want to remove a thick page, I lay the knife on page four and just barely score the page. If you really cut or press hard you may take out pages 5 - 10. Careful! If you put the knife on the least amount of pages you should be OK. That will allow you to get as close to the crease as possible. Once you have scored the page, gently try and rip it out. If it doesn't come, score again and keep trying until it easily comes out.

Step 8: Tidy Up Any Loose Ends!

Now that you are magaosite free, take some time to protect yourself and nuke your address label. Cut it off the bag and shred it. Do what you want with the bag of magosites. I like recycling, but if you could stuf all that into a postage paid envelope of some junk mailer that would be fun too.

Step 9: Read Wired!

Sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. An intrusive ad free Wired Magazine. Don't you wish you could have skipped steps 1 thru 8?

This month I noticed my routine was less painful and I only got 4 magosites out of my magazine. I sent this letter to the editor:


Your magazine is great. I love it all... all but the invasive advertizing. My
monthy ritual of de-magositing my Wired, was utterly painless. The 4 "Subscribe
to Wired" cards all but fell out. No extra thick pages, gummed in advert books,
or "look at me I'm a 4 page spread in 2 pages" fold outs? Is this a fluke or a
new direction. I hope the later!

Willing to pay $40 for less advertizing (and less invasive advertizing)!


If you would like to send a aimilar email encouraging the good trend seen in this months Wired do so by emailing

What you are not subscribed? It is a must read!! Go subscribe here!



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    37 Discussions

    This actually apply to any consumer-branding-magazine. and I more likely to read wired than any other magazine


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I like this: As a side note, subscription cards from magazines can be shredded in a blender and turned into paper. :) Check my favorites to see a paper tutorial I like.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    :< I wish I had read this article before I accidentally screwed up my Scientific american :<.

    Captain Pedantic

    12 years ago

    This site is not YOUR BLOG. I'm really getting sick of these "spleen venting" nonstructables!

    9 replies

    and im realy sick of u flamers who just go and attack people who took the time to share tips that helped them. I personaly think this is great because im sick and tired of those thick adds always screwin me up havin to remove them while reading. Like you said, this is instructables not "flame anybody who doesnt show how to build something but shows helpfull" i dont mean to just like let off on u but im frustrated with it.

    Helpful tips? Do you really need help to show you how to rip ads out of a magazine? This was not intended to provide useful instructions on how to do anything, but merely to express an opinion.

    I wrote the editor. I complained to anyone who would listen. And now you are listening, or rather reading, so here goes my "how to" on reading Wired Magazine. Maybe you agree, and maybe they will hear what we think.

    Opinions are fine, and I happen to agree with this one, and do the exact same thing when I read my Wired. But this is not what I come to Instructables for. This belongs on a blog or broad-based social networking site like

    This site is about making things. Posts that "don't show you how to build something" but give useful tips and ideas toward building things (Like this one) are part of what is great about this site.

    And re: Jezza Bear's post. I wasn't suggesting that it was an advert...

    P.S. You call my comment "flaming"?!???

    jeffreyfCaptain Pedantic

    Reply 12 years ago

    He did make a Wired free of Ads. I usually stop at the Flip and Shake method, as I get really annoyed by the cards falling out all over the place. Does anyone *really* need to be shown how to do this? Probably not. But it's a neat hack, and something worthy of sharing.


    Reply 12 years ago

    A neat "hack". I think thats a bit of a stretch. If I burn my toast I don't scrape it off to make it edible and then call it a "hack" and photo document it. At least it had good grammer and well layout out. I'll give him thumbs up for that. Now...I need to go make a Kin'ex gun that is rapid fire and folds away into a Altoids tin and can be recharged from my USB port on my wooden laptop.

    ewilhelmCaptain Pedantic

    Reply 12 years ago

    While it may be light, there is still instruction here, and so this definitely qualifies as an Instructable. I'm sure there are tons of people who haven't considered cutting out the ads from their favorite magazines and will find this very empowering. If you don't like a particular Instructable, use the rate it buttons and move on. There's no need to leave comments like this.

    Jezza BearCaptain Pedantic

    Reply 12 years ago

    Well said, this particular one is just an advert. Come Instructable Moderators, we expect more of you than this.


    12 years ago

    Once you've removed all the crap, is Wired actually worth reading?

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yes.... It is awesome. I love wired. I really liked the old issue about modern day equivalents to super powers. It was awesome. They are starting to run outta material recently though.


    12 years ago

    Personally, I don't mind having the price of my magazine subscription subsidized by ad revenue. $10~$12 yr. is way better than $50~$60 yr.


    12 years ago

    I do the same thing with pop sci


    12 years ago

    Woww !! Very impressive. "How to read a magazine" !! *Shaking my head* This is NOT constructive at all people! Can't believe I wasted my time writing this comment even. (And I'm being nice here, really!)