How to Recycle My Boyfriend Sweater




Introduction: How to Recycle My Boyfriend Sweater

I did not want to get rid of my boyfriend's sweater. It was made by High End design company named "Iceberg". I decided to recycle it into a new couture looking cover up for myself and create a very special looking piece.

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Step 1:

Prepare the fabric: Disattach sleaves from the sweater and cut them along the seam starting from underarm side. Lay out the the "open" sleave fabric and cut all the "odd" angles out, making a rectangular shape. Cut the rectangular along the length inhalf.

Step 2:

Prepare the belt: Attach the shorter sides with each other. Fold the entire piece inhalf along the longer side, sew along the edge and turn the entire piece inside out. It should look like a big "noodle.
Do the same thing with the other sleave

Step 3:

Prepare the cover up: Line the remains of the sweater on the table, make a straight line starting from the shoulder, ending at the bottom of the sweater. Cut out all odd pieces making along the way.

Step 4:

Attaching the belts
Attach both pices of belt from left and right of the cover up

Step 5:

Finishing the cover up
Attach ribbon or decorative edge to the straight line along the cover up with zig-zag.
Enjoy it!

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