How to Recycle Old Bra and T-shirt





Introduction: How to Recycle Old Bra and T-shirt

I did not want to get rid of my old  T-shirt and my favorite bra.  I decided recycle them into a new couture looking T-shirt. I made applications of lace from bra cups and created a very special looking piece.

Step 1: Prepare Applications

Disattach bra cups from the bra and cut out the lining from the cups.

Step 2: Prepare the T-shirt

Cut out the sleeves on old T-Shirt

Step 3:

Pin the bra cups to the shoulder line of the T-shirt.  Attach the cups with zigzag seam to the shoulders. You are the best and you deserve to wear your new T-Shirt!



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    5 Discussions

    Your braw is showing :P.. hhe jk nice instrucatble


     Awesome, i don't think you need more steps, but looking at it you should understand.

    Sounds like a good 'ible, but it looks like only one picture was uploaded? Are there other pictures for the steps?

    1 reply

    It is pretty much self explanatory. I'll try to come up with more pictures. The only thing I can tell you, you will be surprised with how much attention you will get by wearing it (nobody gets it right away).