How to Recycle the Linear Motion Stage From a HP 6110 All-in-use Printer

This printer was no longer working and we are going to re-purpose it for parts to make a CNC machine.  These steps will show how we demolished the printer for the guide rods and other parts.  These will be used along with other printer parts to make the CNC machine.

Step 1: Remove Top Part

The screws are star shaped on this printer but we found we could use a small flat head to remove the screws nicely.

Step 2: Remove First Guide Rod With Motor

After you get the top off, you can see under the black plastic cover, remove the first guide rod with motor.

Step 3: On to the Next Rod

You will need two rods and only one has a motor.  The next step will show you the final parts you need.

Step 4: Final Step

Take the black guide from the one metal rod and put on the one with the attached motor.  These are all the parts you will need for the x motion of the cnc machine. You can save the rest of printer parts for other projects.



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