How to Rejuvenate Air Conditioners

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If your ever wondering why your air conditioner is not cooling your room down like it used to .Here is likely the problem and how to fix it .

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Step 1: Disassemble Outer Shell and Front Panel

Step (1) remove the 8 screws from the outer shell

step (2) remove the 4 screws holding the front face panel on .

step (3) remove front face panel taking caution not the pull any wires from the control panel circuit board.

step (4) used a small garbage bag to cover the front panel so that water doesnt get to the circuit board.

Step 2: Analyzing the Parts to Be Cleaned

Step (1) Once the top cover and front panel is off. Now removing the top foam panel will reveal the fan and motor.

Step (2) you will find that there are two radiator panels .One huge one that you can see thats part of the back panel. And one smaller one on the opposite side of the fan motor.

Step 3: Blowing Out the Main Componants

Start by using a air nozzle blow out the coolant fins on both radiators.Then blowout the cavity getting all loose particles out. Next blow out the fins of the fan blade .

Step 4: Using Coil Cleaner

Step (1) purchase a can of coil cleaner from your local hardware store . Its only $6.99

step (2) spray the fins on both sides of both radiators.It will foam up then the foam will disappear.

step(3) rinse both radiators with a garden hose.

Step 5: Reassemble

reassemble and replace in a window. you will see a dramatic difference in the coldness of the air blowing into the room...

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    7 Discussions

    The Arbiter

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good ideas. One caution though, be VERY careful around the electrical components. The capacitor for example can knock you on your rear, or worse, a long time after it has been unplugged.


    5 years ago

    It should also be noted how dangerous and/or expensive this can be. it's easy to do and highly recommended as maintenance to extend the life of the unit, lower the work load on the unit, save a few $$ by working efficiently, and also for health reasons (mold). These are fragile appliances though, especially once the outer shell is removed. The lines, coils, evaporator, condenser, and components, are mostly made of aluminum and copper. If these become damaged, it can ruin the unit, and possibly cause injury to anyone nearby when the refrigerant is released. The refrigerant is under high pressure even if the unit hasn't been used recently. When blowing out the condenser and evaporator, blow from the fan side out first. Contaminants are always sucked in from the side opposite the fan blades. Never tilt the unit too far on its side or invert the unit. last tip, after it dries out a while and you fire it back up, run it on high fan for a little bit to dry out things to avoid freezing it up. You can add this to your ible and delete my comment if you'd like. Happy cleaning everybody.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    One other thing that most people tend to forget is to invest in a good fin comb. I can't tell you how often I see window units with 50-80% of the exterior condenser fins bent one way or the other and preventing proper heat exchange.


    5 years ago

    You forgot the number one thing a lot of people miss. Clean the filter.

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