How to Remove Tune-o-Matic Bushings From Les Paul Style Guitar




Introduction: How to Remove Tune-o-Matic Bushings From Les Paul Style Guitar

This is a quick and easy way to remove Tune-O-Matic bridge and tail piece bushings from a Les Paul style guitar.
This instructable will show how to make a cheap and easy to use
tool that can be used to remove the bushings for repair and
for repainting/refinishing.

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed

The tools that you will need.

Bolt that will fit the bushing (usually metric).

Piece of pipe about 25mm in diameter and about 10mm shorter than the bolt.

1 washer that will fit loosely around the bushing.

1 washer that will fit the bolt.

Note:both washers must be larger OD than the pipe.

A wrench that will fit the bolt (if the bolt is metric the wrench is too).

Step 2: Assembly

First you have to put the washer that fits around the bushing
over the bushing like in picture.

Then take the washer that fits the bolt and put it on the bolt.

Then take the piece of pipe and put it on the bolt/washer assembly.

Now put the bolt assembly on to the washer around the bushing
and thread the bolt in to the bushing by hand.

Step 3: Remove Bushings

Now just put the wrench on the bolt and turn like you were tightining.

Step 4: Final Word

This tool can be really helpful in working on guitars
and here are some tips and tricks.

While sanding and painting put a pice of cotton or wadded up cloth in the holes to keep dust and paint from getting in them.

After painting there will be a lip of paint in the hole so clean the hole out before reinstalling the bushings.

Under the bushing closest to the volume knobs there is a
(or should be)a ground wire be careful with this one and make sure
when you install the bushing that it comes in contact with the wire.

When you take out the bushings brush some wood glue in the sides of the holes and let dry so when you install them again they will have a snug fit.

I think thats all.
If you have any questions or comments please post them
this is my first instructable I need feed back.
Matt, age 14



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I took this same concept to my Schecter Omen-6 with the same style bushings. I used two box wrenches stacked on top of each other and the original bolt. Use a cloth to prevent scratching.

Neat but there's an even easier way. Drop a ball bearing down the hole. Reinsert and tighten the screw and it pushes against the ball bearing and lifts the bushing. No risk of damage to the top either

Is there any way to take them out if the threads are messed up?

Excellent, worked like a charm (Schecter Hellraiser uses the same stud configuration for the bridge; unfortunately, it has through body strings, so I need to figure out how to remove those). I of course overlooked the length of the spacer/pipe, so I ended up using an old lug nut from a truck wheel, but the spacing worked nicely.

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Forgot to also ask, does it typically destroy the bushing when doing this? It looks like there was an "anti' pull-out washer around the top of it, so when the bushing came out, it split apart (not a concern since I am replacing them anyway).

an ingenius way of pulling bushings,110 percent effective.TY

dude wicked sweet instructable! check out mine! =D

This is fantastic - it saved me time and money.

Are there threads inside the bushing . . . or what? Sorry, I don't understand too well how the bushing would come out if it didn't have any threads in it.

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the bushings have threads in them when you thread the bolt in to one of them and start tightening it pulls out the bushing

Very well done instructable! Clear presentation and just the right amount of detail. A simple, cheap and effective puller. You saved me from just putting in a bolt and wriggling out the bushing, which would risk enlarging the holes. A wrench socket could also be used if one doesn't have a piece of pipe. Also, a piece of felt or foam glued to the guitar side of the bottom washer would allow the tool to be used without marring the finish.

You did an excellent job on the instructible. It was very clear and easy to understand.

oh man, did I go wrong there thats what I did first time through it left nasty gouges and holes. so I had to bondo it. thats when I decided to remove them all together.

Here's two words: bloody brilliant!
I guess I'll do it that way if I ever have to do it. (b_)b

Excellent! I recently bought a new bridge/tailpiece combo with imperial threads and bushings. This'll really help me get the metric ones out of my guitar. Thanks!

hey every one thank you for looking at my first instructable and posting comments. reply to noodle93 what i am doing to that axe is i am preping it for painting it is in the sanding state. also i am going to post many more instructables keep your eye out it should be posted in a few weeks