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Introduction: How to Remove a Tick From a Dog

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In this instructable I will demonstrate how to easily remove a tick from your dog without pulling it out. The tick will crawl out on it's own and you won't have to deal with 'did I get it all out?'. This sounds like a magic trick and you might even think it is, I did. My sister inlaw had been telling me how to do it for quite a while and I just never tried it, because I didn't think it would work. One day when I was at the vet getting my dogs their yearly shots, my vet found a tick and removed it using this method and I was sold.

I easily remove about 20 ticks a year from my two dogs. When I used the old way, which was get your tweezers as close to the head of the tick and pull straight out, it would often leave parts of the tick behind. Ticks seem to like areas near the eyes and ears, which would leave marks and scars that wouldn't ever go away.

So how do you do it?
Rub the tick in a circular motion and pretend you're trying to make the tick dizzy. I generally stick with one direction, clockwise. It usually takes less than a minute, so if it's not working, make sure the body of the tick is moving around. Remember you can't get dizzy unless you're actually moving in a circle, quickly. I doubt the tick actually gets dizzy, but they sure don't like something about the movement and they crawl out on their own.

This was too difficult to document with photos, so here's the video.

Step 1: More Information

The only troubles I have had with this technique, is when you catch the tick early in it's attaching process. It makes it harder to actually get the body of the tick to move around and you feel like you're just rubbing the tick. If it won't come off, I will usually wait another day instead of risking leaving part of the tick behind in my dog.

This method should work on people as well, but I haven't had the chance to try it out. I don't think it will work as well, because you generally catch the tick early on and there's no body to move around. It's also easier to get parts of the tick out as you can use tweezers and then just like removing a splinter, get the rest out.

Once you have the tick out, wrap the tick in a piece of tape to kill it. If you're taking it off yourself or another person, you probably want to put it in a jar of rubbing alcohol and get it tested for Lyme disease.

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So, over 500 comments, (I read them. so you don't have to) if you take away the ones that say it didn't work (less than 10%), take away the "experts" that say "NOOOOO, don't do this, go spend lots of money on a vet and by the way support our/my organization because I know so much", take away the ones that start flaming at each other and get off topic about diseases, etc. (and no, I am not interested in starting anything like that, I actually have a life) we are left with more than 400 comments that say it works, no problems with their pets after, no one coming back on and saying they or their pet got sick after using this method, we can conclude it works fine. Remember to wear gloves when you try it, and if it doesn't work, go spend money at your vet, or buy the special tweezers.
This method works. End of story. If you don't agree with this method, post your own instructable with your method that works for you.
The video, however, doesn't work. Do you have to be a premium member to see it?

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My wife thought you remove ticks by putting turpentine on them. I had one at the top of the male equivalent of what my granddaughter used to call her "area". My wife spilled some of the turps. All I can say is DON'T use turps. Your method sounds much more interesting.

We live in a day where too many people have been brainwashed into thinking only an expert can do something correctly.

The video works fine now. Thanks for posting - I'm just about to try it on my dog, trying to remove a tick that the vet didn't spot!

And it worked perfectly. Thank you so much.

So basically you're saying, if you discount all the people that don't agree with this, then everyone agrees? LOL.

this is amazing! made an account just to comment, my 4month old puppy wasn't letting me near her with tweasers but with this method she thought I was just rubbing her belly and after about 2 and a half minutes had the tick out

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That’s awesome! Always makes my day to hear about happy tick free puppies!

I live in South Africa and moved to a small holding with a huge problem with ticks. 2 of my dogs sleep with me and the other 3 sleep in the lounge. I got bitten twice, got tick bite fever and I was very ill. I got Bravecto for my 1 baby and tomorrow I will get for all the others. Only issue is if the tick doesn't bite then it doesn't die. My boerboel had a large engorged tick behind her neck so I decided now to try this method. 15 seconds, yes 15 seconds and it fell off, everything intact. WOW. THANK YOU

Now to find a way to treat my garden. Any suggestions?

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Glad you found this method! It seems like there are a number of ways to clear your garden of ticks, but we haven't tried any. Our ticks seem to only come from our hiking certain times of the year.

this is exciting. REMOVING TICK WORKED! WOW THANK YOU now what i don’t know is if my comment worked!


11 months ago

It's coming that time of year where I'm located and Im torn on what I
should use on Jace my Bulgarian shepherd puppy. He's 16 weeks now 41
pounds. In the past with different dogs and on my cats I've used
Revolution and advantage/advantix. Im not really interested in using any
kind of frontline. I've heard of to many complaints and when I was
young my parents were using frontline and our house got completely
infested one year. It was a nightmare but anyways I'm not sure what I
should use. I'd like to avoid chemicals but I know that's just not
really possible with natural options not being equally effective. I'm
just wanting to know if anyone's used the Seresto collars before? Also
does everyone always use a heartworm preventive monthly? I haven't
really used them in the past except for when Ive used Revolution because
it's a combo. But if it's really needed I don't want to use a flea
product and have to use something like heart guard on top of that. I'd
rather just use the combo like Revolution. Does anyone have any feed
back on Trifexis? It seems kind of expensive and I heard the pills arnt
as effective for flea control? Just needing some opinions here

I check few products here and dpn't know what to take.

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We started using BRAVECTO a couple years ago and have been really happy with it. I always hated anything topical, and so never used anything for ticks. This medicine works for both ticks and fleas. I haven't had to use this method for a while now :)

Wrapped my mini lop rabbit in a towel to keep him still, rotated the tick blood sack as you have shown, 90 seconds and it let go of his nose. Thank you!

I will have to try that on humans the next time I have a tick on me. I have only had one so far this year. Last year I had 47 embed in my skin. Got tested for lyme disease last fall, did not have it.