How to Remove Flash Hider From an APS UAR

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I'm making this instructable because I've noticed a lack of knowledge when it comes to removing the flash hider from this airsoft gun.

so what you'll need is:

1: a small Allen key (or Hex key)

2: an adjustable wrench

3: a 14mm counter clockwise suppressor, or barrel extension.

Step 1: Begin

First, put the gun on semi auto.

Then remove the two pins in the front of the gun, on the lower receiver.
(as seen in picture)

Step 2:

Then remove the upper half of the gun.

(this is possible, though you'll need to fiddle with it)

Step 3:

this is what it should look like.

(this is the V1 UAR, though I have also done this for a V2 UAR as well)

Step 4:

Locate the Allen/Hex screw on the flash hider, and the wrench grooves.
Then fully unscrew the screw, and size the wrench.

Step 5:

Now this is the fun part.
While sitting, place the stock between your legs, so the gun is facing upwards.

Place one of your hands on the outer barrel, and another on the wrench.

The hand that is on the barrel should twist right, while the hand on the wrench should push to the left.*

*You have to have your hand there because a part lower down use's the same type of screw, and will normally unscrew that while trying to unscrew the flash hider.

Step 6: Done!

And there you go!

now your going to want to clean the threading, seeing as they used glue when they placed the flash hider there.

Step 7: Credentials

As you can see, I've done this for two UAR's.
(Tan is a V1, black is a V2)

And I used the exact same process for both, I hope I helped.



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10 Discussions


Question 3 months ago on Step 6

Has the barrel been pulled out on your final picture? I have a tracer unit I wanted to put on but it looks like the thread is further down the barrel? I've seen other people take this off and the barrel ends at teh thread.


1 year ago

I literally cannot get this thing off. I can't even take the body off because if the way the bottom part of the barrel is. Mine ist a V2 and every video I watched has a different remedy, but this thing will not come off. Any ideas?


3 years ago

Lel so many kids yelling at you like you're 5. I've seen 50 people at one place without an orange tip and they are alive.


3 years ago

Awesome! How is that gun? Is it worth getting? Will it fit a 9.6v butterfly in it? Thanks! And those questions are directed to the V2 UAR. Thanks again!


4 years ago

A flash hider redirects the fireball of burnt propellant in multiple directions away from 'in line' with the axis of the bullet's trajectory to minimize a shooters visible position. In air soft this is obviously not needed because there is no burned propellant.
And this project is for suicidal numbskulls that have a death wish. Enjoy the last few moments of your life if you do this.

1 reply

4 years ago

this cool man, but you should really have an orange tip, just to be say the only its good for now is as a prop cuz it looks real now


4 years ago

Dude please put an orange tip back on that thing. You may know its fake, your friends may know its fake, but a cop doesnt, and you seriously run the risk of being hurt.


4 years ago on Introduction

and this children is how we modify a toy so as to facilitate "suicide by cop"

pretty sure by law in canada ur not allowed to remove that red tip on the barrel......theres a reason its there guys


4 years ago

@seamster he is referring to what is commonly called a flash suppressor. It is there to help hide the muzzle flash of a weapon and to direct it in a direction away from the shooters aiming view.